U.S. pays Trump's Scotland golf resort $77,000 ahead of visit

Sep 2012
Yep...We, the People are STILL paying for Droomp to stay and golf at his own resorts.

U.S. pays Trump's Scotland golf resort $77,000 ahead of visit
The U.S. government paid more than $77,000 to President Trump's Scottish golf resort ahead of his stay there last weekend, according to federal spending records, indicating that Trump's official visit to Europe likely generated revenue for his business empire.

Spending records seen by Reuters show that the U.S. State Department, which typically arranges presidential travel overseas, paid $77,345.35 since April to SLC Turnberry Ltd, the Trump company that owns the resort, for "hotel rooms for VIP visit."

The payments were first reported by The Scotsman, a Scottish newspaper and website.

Trump stayed at the resort and played golf there last Saturday, between a meeting of the NATO military alliance and a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Former government ethics officials and watchdog groups say Trump has failed to put safeguards in place to ensure that he does not directly profit from his actions as president.

"This is part of a pattern with this president of really doing everything he can to disgrace the office of the presidency by promoting his own private business interests," said Stephen Spaulding, a lawyer with the public interest group Common Cause.

While other recent presidents have put their assets in a blind trust, Trump has retained ownership of his hotels, golf courses and other businesses.
He handed control of the businesses to his sons shortly before he took office in January 2017.

Unlike other recent presidents, he has refused to release his tax returns.


Trump resigned as a director of Turnberry when he took office in January 2017, filings show, but he continues to hold an ownership stake. He earned $20.4 million from the property last year, according to his latest financial disclosure form, released in May.

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Jul 2014
Border Fence
Trump does so ..so many other horrible things, making money off The Presidency" seems timid.

Any other President, America would be outraged. With Trump, America can't keep up with his all his corrupt ways. Not even Nixon operated anywhere close to Trump's level of douchiness.
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