UK/Gibraltar releases Iranian tanker

Nov 2013
That puts quite a dent into Trump's warmongering momentarily.

I'm sure he'll catch up soon and will start new tensions, adding grease to the fire.. but for the very moment there's a little de-escalation, which is good for the world outside the Trump cult.
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May 2019
Gibraltar on Sunday reportedly refused a U.S. request to seize an Iranian tanker accused of smuggling oil to Syria.

Gibraltar said it couldn't comply with the U.S. Justice Department warrant issued Friday because it was bound by European Union (EU) law, Reuters reports.

“The Central Authority’s inability to seek the Orders requested is a result of the operation of European Union law and the differences in the sanctions regimes applicable to Iran in the EU and the US,” Gibraltar's government said in a statement, according to the news service.

“The EU sanctions regime against Iran – which is applicable in Gibraltar - is much narrower than that applicable in the US.”

Gibraltar refuses Trump administration request to seize Iranian tanker
08/18/19 12:40 PM EDT
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