Ukraine election: no polling stations in Russia

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Jul 2011
KIEV, January 3. /TASS/. The decision taken by the Ukraine’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) to shut down all polling stations in Russia threatens with improper procedures during elections of the Ukrainian president scheduled on March 31 of this year, leader of the Ukrainian Choice - People’s Right movement and member of the Opposition Platform - For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, said on Wednesday.

"Such CEC decision made at the very start of the election campaign paves the way to various falsifications and evidences that authorities continue the totalitarian course of limiting constitutional rights of citizens," Medvedchuk wrote in Facebook.

The CEC decisions "contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine and international legal norms stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights," Medvedchuk said. It can already be said that the election campaign of 2019 will leave its mark in the history of Ukraine as the most sordid and unlawful, violating constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens," the politician said.

The Ukraine’s Central Election Commission introduced amendments to the decree on polling stations on December 31, 2018, closing all polling stations in Russia. It follows from the decree that Ukrainians present in the Russian territory can exercise their voting right at stations in Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Finland.
Closing of polling stations in Russia paves way to election fraud in Ukraine


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has explained the reason behind Ukraine's recent decision to close down five of the country's foreign polling stations earlier set up at diplomatic institutions in the Russian territory.

“The main motive explaining the closure of polling stations in Russia is, of course, security," the minister wrote in an oped for the Ukrayinska Pravda e-zine.

"And it’s not even about such things as possible infiltration of election commissions by FSB agents, their influence on them, and much more. Above all, we are concerned about the safety of Ukrainian citizens who, despite administrative and propaganda pressure, still decide to become members of election commissions or simply report to the polls," wrote Klimkin.

In his opinion, "there is no doubt that all those who will take part in the voting will surely end up under the FSB scrutiny, risking to shortly become victims of repression."

Klimkin recalled that dozens of Ukrainian political prisoners and prisoners of war had already been thrown behind bars across Russia on trumped-up charges.

The foreign minister has also noted that there are more than 2.5 million Ukrainian citizens staying in Russia at the moment.

"Whatever the motives of their stay in the territory of the aggressor state, we are concerned about them," said Klimkin.

In addition, he cited data on the turnout in the previous presidential elections, where the number of Ukrainians who participated in the voting there was small.

"Please note that in the extraordinary presidential elections of 2014, a total of 49,418 people had been put on voter lists, with only 1,134 of them actually voting," Klimkin said.

The Foreign Minister added that Ukrainians, who are staying in Russia temporarily, will be able to vote in Ukraine at their place of permanent residence. They only need to make sure that they are included in the voter lists.
Klimkin comments on shutting down Ukrainian polling stations at diplomatic institutions across Russia

Indeed, there are between 2.5 to 3 million Ukrainians living in Russia, by latest reports: Almost three million Ukrainians live in Russia - Klimkin

This includes nearly a million refugees from the Donbass

another million and half or so labor migrants from other parts of Ukraine, who go there for jobs

as well as hundreds of thousands of other long term residents, for example Ukrainian women who marry Russian men

Plenty of those there lol Dark haired women from Southern Ukraine are renowned for their beauty, in both countries haha

This does NOT include Crimeans, however, most of whom have got Russian passports since they were annexed

Anyhow, I don't think it's about the safety of these Ukrainians. It's about the Poroshenko government worrying that these people do not hate Russia, like his supporters, mainly in Western Ukraine, and won't vote for his nationalist agenda, instead backing more pro-Russian guys like that Medvedchuk, mentioned in the TASS article, a wealthy businessman and good friend of Putin who, while disliked for that by Poroshenko and his circle, has been able to use that personal relationship to, for instance, negotiate numerous prisoner exchanges with the separatists in Donbass, through Moscow; and even met, in Putin's office at the Kremlin, with widows of two Russian war correspondents allegedly killed in a Ukrainian government shelling attack in Donbass

God knows how (reportedly by offering each woman a very serious sum of money) he was able to convince them to appear on TV and issue statements of forgiveness for the Ukrainian solider and now politician Nadya Savchenko, who had been captured by the Donbassians, handed over to Russia, and put on trial for allegedly leading the artillery fire that killed those reporters: Nadiya Savchenko - Wikipedia

This "forgiveness", in turn, enable Putin to also pardon her, I believe.

Thanks to Medvedchuk, this woman, who became a great hero to Ukrainians, as a POW, was able to come home in a prisoner exchange, basically.

Those in power in Kiev, of course, don;t like to talk about that...