Ukrainians understood Biden probe was condition for Trump-Zelenskiy talks, says former Ukrainian adviser


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The Ukrainians have understood from the get-go that an investigation of the Bidens was a condition of a meeting with Trump.

When Ukrainians voted to elect comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy as their next president in the spring of 2019, the fledgling administration was eager to to have a meeting with Kyiv’s most important benefactor -- the United States, according to a former adviser to Zelenskiy.

But after weeks of discussions with American officials, Ukrainian officials came to understand there was a condition for any meeting with Trump, the former adviser said.

"Ukrainian officials were asking for a meeting with Trump for along time. As I remember, it was a clear fact that Trump wants to meet only if Biden case will be included,” said Serhiy Leshchenko, an anti-corruption advocate and former member of Ukraine's Parliament, who had been a former adviser to Zelenskiy but has recently been distanced from the administration. "This issue was raised many times. I know that Ukrainian officials understood."

Asked if it had been understood as a condition, Leshchenko said, "Yes."
Biden probe was condition for Trump-Zelenskiy talks, says former Ukrainian adviser
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Jul 2013
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Yeah, the Ukrainians are going to fold and spill their guts on this one. More grist for the mill.
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Aug 2018
They're implicating themselves if they say so.

Though I understand there's a way lower bar to "corruption" over there. Especially when it's with the intent to obtain military aid from a superpower.
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Feb 2010
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(The whole story does get a little hard to follow...)

"Leshchenko on Thursday sought to back track his comments
, telling ABC News that he did not know if officials had viewed discussing Biden as a precondition for a meeting and that he had meant it was just obvious that Trump had wanted to talk about it."

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