Unions at Disney World score $15 minimum wage and increases for all employees!

Southern Dad

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Feb 2015
Shady Dale, Georgia
I can't believe they were making so little to begin with. The prices Disney theme parks charge would easily cover a much higher wage.

IMO the expectation of absurd corporate profits has become intolerable. It doesn't matter how much the investor class makes, it's never enough that they are willing to share any of it with their workers.

It's supply and demand. There are many people willing to take the positions. Disney World employees have been unionized for decades. Even unions can only do so much when dealing with the Mouse.
Nov 2006
Disney has been negotiating with the union for over a year. Yes, there are increases in ticket prices each year. I know, because we go quite frequently. Food prices going up 133% is not the normal. Disney employees are union and they make such little in wages. What does that say of the power of those unions?
Nothing, the cost increases went into effect a year ago and it's fucking stupid to say that had anything to do with recent minimum wage hikes.


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Jun 2007
All of those costs will be recovered by increasing the costs on people visiting. There are no subsidies that provide Walt Disney World vacations for those that can't afford it.
If you can't afford it, you can do without. No one ever died from lack of Disney.

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