Unvaccinated Oregon Boy Contracts Tetanus, Spends Two Months In Hospital For Over $800K In Medical Treatments


Sep 2014
That’s why I got the shingles vaccine, even though it’s not 100% effective.
Oh, I think everyone should get the shingles vaccine. Medicare approves the vaccine at age 65 and some private insurances will approve the vaccine at 55. My Mom was never a candidate at the end because you have to be clear of shingles for a certain period of time and she was in and out of the hospital constantly with one outbreak after another. Even if a patient gets shingles after the vaccine...the outbreak is not as severe and the outbreak clears up a lot faster.
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Jul 2014
The article states, "The onset of autism in a child likely occurs long before developmental delays or behaviors emerge, quite possibly before a child is born."

So two things. Either, such problems as Autism is a negative by-product of human evolution or what is passed on from mother to child (chemicals).
Autism has nothing to do with "chemicals". Nor it is a negative by-product of human evolution.

Doctors still don't know what causes it, but I lean towards a genetic component.

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