Up to 30% of Russian labor force may be replaced by ROBOTS!!!

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Jul 2011
You can certainly get beer at nearly all grocery stores in America. Maybe there's a few communities where that's prohibited, but not very many. Wine is less common, I think. I don't know if it's actually ILLEGAL for a fast food restaurant to sell alcohol, but I've NEVER heard of it before. Which is why I was a bit surprised to see the beer being poured in that Russian fast food place!
It's Russia, dude. I am not sure Russians even COULD eat without alcohol :D

Some municipalities there now try to restrict hard spirits, especially ban selling after dark, and also to minors, of course; and they also deliberately raise prices, hoping people would buy and drink less.

Now, you have entrepreneurial cabbies, especially the "bombers" (illegal, unlicensed taxis) driving around with trunks full of cheap vodka or even horrible home-made "samogon" they pour into the nice bottles, and selling it to all their passengers, 24 hours a day

Trying to ban or restrict Russians from drinking is like trying to herd cats...
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