US begins withdrawal from Syria amid uncertainty

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Agreed. What is happening here is that Trump is ceding control of the ME to the Russians and Iran. This will embolden both to push onto other nations using Syria as a springboard.

The first logical step would be to push into Iraq. Iran hates Iraq and it remains a symbol of US interference. Taking it down gives Russia access to all of its oil, Iran further control of the Persian Gulf, which they consider to be the Iranian Gulf, and to put pressure on Saudi Arabia to sign a concessionary peace deal. After that, both Russia and Iran can push their influence into Afghanistan, Jordan and Pakistan.

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Doesn't Iran already have powerful influence in Iraq right now as is? They have huge Shia militias there. And the government is now dominated by Shias too, as I recall...
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You forgot Russia.

Then again, their only interest aligns with Iran's here, to make sure the despotic murderer Assad remains in power. You cool with that, too?

And hey, how about our still bffs, the Saudis? Everything cool there, as well?
Believe the primary interest of Russia is still their warm water port in Syria.

Assad is just the current convenient enabler.


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