US Extends Airstrikes Role in Libya Through Monday.....

US Extends Airstrikes Role in Libya Through Monday.....

After Saturday, no U.S. combat aircraft were to fly strike missions over Libya unless NATO officials specifically asked and authorities in Washington gave their approval. NATO assumed full control last week from the U.S.-led international force for all aspects of the operation in Libya as authorized by U.N. resolutions that include an arms embargo, enforcing the no-fly zone, and protecting civilians from Gadhafi's forces.
WASHINGTON – The U.S. agreed to NATO's request for a 48-hour extension of American participation in coalition airstrikes against targets in Libya and U.S. lawmakers cautioned Sunday the allies need to know more about the rebels fighting Moammar Gadhafi's forces before providing them with weapons.

The U.S. is shifting the combat role to Britain, France and other NATO allies, but American air power is still in demand. Air Force AC-130 gunships and A-10 Thunderbolts and Marine Corps AV-8B Harriers will continue to attack Gadhafi's troops and other sites through Monday evening. These aircraft are among the most precise in the American arsenal.

In an emailed statement, NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said Sunday that "poor weather conditions over the last few days" were the reason the alliance made the request. She would not elaborate. "This is a short-term extension which expires on Monday," she said.

A decision yet to be made by the Obama administration is whether to arm the rebels with the firepower they need to take and hold ground against Gadhafi's forces.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid advocated a "wait and see" approach to giving the opposition forces weapons.
"I think at this stage we really don't know who the leaders of this rebel group are," said Reid, D-Nev.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said the coalition needs to take the air war to Libya's capital where Gadhafi and his inner circle are located. Striking targets in Tripoli will further fracture Gadhafi's government and push the Libyan leader from power, he said.The way to end this war is to have Gadhafi's inner circle to crack," Graham said. "The way to get his inner circle to crack is to go after them directlyTo take the best air force in the world and park it during this fight is outrageous," Graham said. "When we called for a no-fly zone, we didn't mean our planes

Sen. John McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said failing to arm the rebels could allow Gadhafi to maintain control over large swaths of Libya.
The rest are simply "guys with guns," said James Dubik, a retired Army three-star general who says they need American or NATO advisers and trainers to be effective. "They need help," Dubik wrote in an assessment for the Institute for the Study of War, a think tank in Washington.

We would let NATO take over a War they Cannot win on their own????? It is clear they were and are not prepared to go to War. Not without us!!!!! Quite Coincidently Qadhafi's forces have been hammering the rebels. So they need attacks by us to hold up Qadhafi who still has not brought in his full forces to bear down. Not to mention they know there is Sunni in the rebels and they say nothing else about it.....civillians that fight for a day then quit, go home and tell all they fought in the big war?! Other Civilians attacking the rebels. Not knowing all of them. Think this is going to continue to be just NATO handling things. How many other requests will come. As you can see Graham, McCain, Lieberman, are all for using our full might. Using up our military arsenal for the UN and the EU will cost this country.....big time! Thoughts?
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Like I'll step in that snake pit again lol
lol you know the saying Once bitten Twice Shy Baby(can't think of who sings that song right at the moment) hehe....I know but cmon.....we just got telling the world we were taking a backseat, and now a request by NATO all due to weather????? I just don't like the fact we are being used even if the US has it's own motivations.
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not goanna happen folks .. we are there for a whle maybe 6 months or more.. just a gut feeling
NATO took control.....but then requested another 48 hrs from the US to use up our resources and supplies. I think it's high time someone start jacking Johnny Quest McCain and his coalition of Graham and Lieberman. Lieberman shouldn't be saying anything. Why is this dipshit out and advocating to attack Qadhafi directly. He is retiring and this is his last year. So definately should not be in the media talking any shit.

Graham thinks we should be moving out on Qadhafi and attacking Tripoli. graham is another one that has been around for 20 yrs. Time to go.....hopefully the GOP can get someone to run against him and knock him and DeMint right out the Box and out to pasture. McCain needs to be attacked about all this flip-flopping and for casuing the deabuchle with his pick of Palin out of sheer desperation. Also Johnny Quest should not be consulted by the DOD or the Military for any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts. Unfortunately we have to put up with this lamebrain for another 5 yrs.

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