US House passes bill to avert government shutdown


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Jun 2008
Passing Through
We've built a society where the enforced kindness of strangers can be relied upon to provide sustenance and a cell phone upon demand. They'd plunge us into odious barbarism. Mankind didn't raise himself from the ooze just to deny his improvident neighbors a decent place to live and a late model used car. Our system of mandatory demand-driven charity, administered by its beneficiaries, was achieved through centuries of painful progress. Those who condemn it are likely the same malcontents who can not, or will not, understand the miracle of an economy based on nothing.

The PPT is still propping up the stock market. They're propping it up with fiat dollars backed by absolutely nothing, except being fully redeemable upon demand with an equal value of nothing. Plan A called for deploying titanic amounts of first-quality, audited, hallmarked and watermarked and serialized nothing, which they did, and sure enough the market rallied. Plan B is the same, only it calls for even more colossal amounts of nothing. So when we say nothing has worked so far, we're right. And it worked very well. Give them their due, just as nothing has worked in the past, so too will nothing work in the future.

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