US House passes Uygur law demanding sanctions on China

Jan 2014
1. The US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to approve a strongly worded bill paving the way for sanctions against Chinese officials over human rights abuses in China’s northwest on Tuesday, after months of negotiations among lawmakers about how forceful the legislation should be.....

2. The passing of the Uygur law shows the following realities:

(a) It reveals the US Empire is so desperate about its impending demise that it is using every means at its disposal to destroy China.

(b) The US Empire will not halt its attacks till it achieves its goal of destroying China.

(c) It reveals that fomenting unrest in Hong Kong and waging the so-called trade war is just a disguise and distraction from the US Empire's ultimate goal of destroying China. Western China is definitely a bigger prize and target for the US imperialists.

(d) After many months of attacking China on all fronts, the US Empire is convinced that China is a "paper tiger" issuing empty threats containing a measure of bluster.

3. While US lawmakers can pass anti-China laws anytime like nobody, why can't China do the same against the US Empire? :)

China can retaliate against the US Empire by passing similar laws targeting senior US officials for their human rights abuses in the following areas:

(a) The US holds over 100,000 migrant children in detention at US-Mexico border concentration camps.

(b) Violent hate crimes against Latinos have surged to a 16-year high in the US. Latino Republican Senator Marco Rubio should be the first to be sanctioned for ironically failing to look after the welfare of his own kind in the US.

(c) Nationwide Anti-Mosque Activity in the US.

Attacks on mosques directly take aim at religious freedom. Existing and proposed mosque sites across the US have been targeted for vandalism and other criminal acts, and there have been efforts to block or deny necessary zoning permits for the construction and expansion of other facilities.

(d) Native American Genocide.

P.S. US human rights abuses are "an outrage against the collective consciousness of the world."

China should "send a message to Washington. China is watching and we will not stay silent.” :lol:
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Jan 2014
4. Your Royal Highness Pelosi, are you serious or not? Don't make a laughing stock of yourself and your country by targeting a servant instead of the master for an alleged misdeed. :)

Using another analogy, what is the "logic" for a cowboy to fire at an unknown American native instead of "Sitting Bull" the Chief?

You should show all Americans and the whole world you have the guts to sanction Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. Why target a poor Xinjiang guy who is almost unknown to the outside world?

5. China should continue to call on the US to "end its draconian policies that for many years have terrorised its own Latino and Muslim citizens, Native Americans and Latin American migrants”.

Today the human dignity and human rights of the Muslims, Latinos, migrants and natives are under threat from Washington's barbarous actions, which are an outrage to the collective conscience of the world.

China should "take a critical step to counter Washington's horrific human rights abuses against the American natives, Muslims, Latinos and migrants."

China must take action to "pave the way for other countries to act" and "give the Muslims, Latinos, migrants and natives in the US hope."

6. China should sanction the “relevant US entities” (in order of importance) in the following list:

(a) Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Speaker of the House
(b) Latino Republican lawmaker Marco Rubio
(c) Tom Cotton.
(d) Chris Smith, Republican of New Jersey
(e) Californian Democrat Brad Sherman
(f) Chuck Schumer (Democrat)
(g) Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican)
(h) Secretary of State Pompeo
(i) Vice President Pence
(j) Donald Trump