US no longer fit to lead the world

Jul 2014
Yes, but the option I gave is the correct one.
I mean, all the whining done while Obama was president didn't help.
Nor did all the whining done while Bush was president.

But, whining is very popular lately, so it's not going away.

Just see this little obscure political forum for plenty of examples...
Dec 2013
The real question is what the USA can still offer to others psychologically ? It is getting more and more difficult for non Americans to identify to what made American values universal, because either they anyway integrated these values which are part of their lives and are no more typically American or because these values are lived actually by Americans in a way which does not fit anymore with the concerns of others. In fact the cultural debates of the American society are less and less understandable outside the US and it is more difficult to catch where the USA intend to go and their leadership is as a consequence fading. I do not think that an only nation, even China, will repace the US in the role they had during the XXst Century. I guess it will be more a group od nations as long as they would be able to build a dream others could share.
Mar 2015
Don't need a guess, there is no one else who can step up into the role. Despite the hate that many people have for Pres. Trump, there simply is not another country that has the economic might or the the military might that the U.S. wields and it will still be some time before any one else does.

China's economy is growing rapidly (slower than in the past, but still rapidly) and they are using it to control other countries through unfair trade practices and predatory lending in the third world, but they are still not a consumer society and they do not have a blue water navy that can keep the world wide sea lanes open. Additionally, they do not benefit from being a world leader in energy production like the U.S. is.

Russia has suffered from outsized dreams for some time now. Despite their energy production, their demographics will keep them in check. They simply do not have the people power to be a true "world leader". While they are an incredibly resourceful people, they lack the manpower to police the world and do not have the economic ability to sustain a global navy and put pressure on countries that may be acting irresponsibly. The country is resource rich, but still does not even crack into the top 10 wealthiest nations.

The EU has possibilities, but there are simply too many individual "personalities" on the continent to bring it all together and become a true world wide leader. Even now they are barely holding the union together, let alone agreeing on how to police the world or even putting the resources together to do so. How long did it take them to agree on, design, and build the world's largest airliner (A380) only to have it fail because it was not practical for most airports or airlines? The Continent is too diverse to be effective on the world stage right now.

Any other suggestions?
Many aspects of conscience and control can be taken over by a single personality who is a leader that shows that he/she is a person of conscience and that they respect their fellow man and the opposite can happen with a monster that leads this country at this time. Much transfer of leadership has been lost with this pig.
Mar 2015
Yes, nothing truly tells us what the world thinks more than a liberal source’s vague and specious fact-checking standard!
Folks it takes a rather special level of brainwashing to use such arbitrary unreasonable methods, but here it is in spades. Our satisfaction with a supposed conservative lies in a fact-check gimmick proposed by the left as they defend Russian propaganda! You can taste irony that strong.
yup more is explaned with the knowledge that the media is always attacked and called the enemy of the people by ugly dictatorships and people like you who grovel at their feet. Without lies and distortions your party couldn't or wouldn't exist. Your just another voice from the world of hate.


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Feb 2010
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And of course he's right.

And of course this was the goal all along.

Russia says the world no longer trusts the U.S. to lead and it's time others step in

So - who will be the new leader? One guess.
There's no rule that says there needs to be one leader. In fact, the world has usually been dominated by several regional powers--that circumstance dates back to the ancient and medieval worlds, and it's by far the most common. Problem is, regional powers then vie with each other for expansion.

One thing people like Trump and others who favor tariffs and oppose free trade forget--international trade keeps us out of wars because prosperity is based on interdependence. Trump and Putin are preparing us for a new era of wars throughout the world as we fight over resources and cultural hegemony.
Mar 2015
True, but the trade deficit is now higher than it EVER was during the eight years of President Obama.

I'm not sure you understand that it is President Trump's POLICIES that are making the trade deficit worse.

For that matter, I am not sure that HE understands that, either, so...….
Just another right wing lie that controls their Grovelers .The party that owns most of the deficit, standing on their stage pacifying their grovelers by the sins of deficit spending. Without lies and distortions this hate group couldn't or wouldn't exist.

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