US "spy" arrested in Russia

The Man

Former Staff
Jul 2011
I was saying that in an off the cuff way, not as a serious proposal.

Little bit surprised that you viewed that as a potential positive. Somehow, I would think that Russia run with US laws would wind up being quite like the Wild West.
Bro, it's worse than Wild West now...

Right now, if you have a successful, profitable business, any crooked official can come to you and say, guess what, you gonna pay me 50% of your monthly profits from now on. Or even make you sign away the ownership of the company to him altogether. And if you try to refuse, he may send some thugs hired from the local mob to set your car on fire/kill your dog/break your family member's legs (and it keeps escalating from there till they just fucking whack you). Or, a more civilized way, he may get his equally corrupt buddies in law enforcement to make up a criminal case on you. Either sign or go to prison, how's that for art of the deal, Russian style? :D

That place cannot get worse, man. It's impossible...

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