US Trade Deficit 10 year High. 55 Billion

Jul 2014
DOW now down 1400 in 2 days. Companies closing plants, prices going up, Farm bankruptcies soaring, soy beans rotting in the silos. This is just the beginning.
Dow is NOT "down 1400 in two days".

And that's just the start of misinformation, or lies, in your post.

Of course, I expect nothing less...
Jul 2014
Trump is not trying to beat anything. His trade deficits exists and will continue to exist because trump's tariffs did not cause his trade imbalances.

Trump's moronic tariffs did nothing but exacerbate the deficits.

Trump going back to square one fixes nothing.
Short term pain for long term gain.

It's China trying to "beat the tariffs".
Nov 2013
No worries.

America was bankrupt many years ago.

Long before Trump was sworn in.

Beyond bankrupt, actually.

Thanks Obama!
good thing is you have no influence over the country's economy. With your lack of economic skillset and education, I can totally understand how the concept of bankruptcy is just a fuzzy cloud that you model to your immediate personal preference and need.

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