US trained coup regime in Honduras has suspended all civil liberties

Dec 2006
Despite President Obama's condemnation of the recent military coup in Honduras, the US continues to train the Honduran paramilitaries at the US Army School of the Americas at Ft Benning Georgia.

Civil liberties of Honduran citizens suspended by coup regime

Repression of the Honduran people continues under Micheletti and his coup regime! Sunday, September 27th, Roberto Micheletti called for a 45 day suspension of civil liberties guaranteed to the Honduran people in their constitution. This suspension prohibits unauthorized gatherings, limits free speech in the media, and gives Honduran police the freedom to arrest without a warrant. The blatantly un-democratic suspension of these civil liberties is a violation of the Honduran Constitution!

The Honduran military is firing gas into the Brazilian embassy. The people inside are undergoing internal hemorrhaging - revealed by intense nose bleeds and blood in their urine. The Red Cross and members of the media are being denied access into the diplomatic compound in Tegucigalpa.

Watch the latest coverage by Jesse Freeston of The Real News.

Ousted president Manuel Zelaya made a surprise return to Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Monday. The coup regime responded with a vicious crackdown. Watch the video news clip by Jesse Freeston.

Call the State Department at 202-647-4000 and the White House at 202-456-1111 (sample message below)

At least one person has been reported killed and several have been wounded in a series of attacks by the SOA graduate-led military and police forces on supporters of the legitimate President Manuel Zelaya. More than 100 people have been detained.

President Zelaya met on Thursday with the four leading presidential candidates contesting presidential elections scheduled for November inside the Brazilian embassy. He also started talks with a representative of the coup regime. International pressure is urgently needed to prevent further human rights abuses and to return democracy to Honduras!

The houses next to the Brazilian embassy have been evacuated, taken over by the military.

President Manuel Zelaya, after over eighty days in exile, has returned to Honduras last Monday. In a BBC interview, Zelaya said "[We travelled] for more than 15 hours... through rivers and mountains until we reached the capital of Honduras, which we reached in the early hours of the morning. We overtook military and police obstacles, all those on the highways here, because this country has been kidnapped by the military forces."

The coup regime has imposed a three day curfew for the entire country. Thousands defied the orders and gathered in front of the Brazilian embassy, where Zelaya is currently staying. Radio Globo reported from the convergence in front of the Brazilian embassy: "We are hear peacefully, unarmed because we are the people and don't fear the military. The military must serve the people and their democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya."

However, the SOA graduate-led Honduran military and the police moved against the peacefully assembled crowd in front of the Brazilian Embassy and disbursed them with bullets and water tanks. Supporters of the constitutional president of Honduras are being attacked and beaten. The embassy is now surrounded by the military. The coup regime leader, Roberto Micheletti, threatened to cancel the embassy's immunity if Zelaya were not handed over to the de facto regime. An overall atmosphere of insecurity is now being imposed. President Zelaya called on the armed forces not to attack their own people and encouraged the Honduran people to continue mobilizing for peace and the restoration of constitutional order. The National Resistance Front Against the Coup has sent out a call for a national strike today, and for people to come from all parts of the country to the capital to continue the show of popular support for the return of the democratically elected president.

Our fear that the coup authorities would crack down even harder, now that their end is near, is materializing.

Click here to contact your Member of Congress to demand that they take a stand for democracy and against the SOA-graduate-led military coup.

Please take a couple minutes and call the State Department at 202-647-4000 to deliver the following message: "Work for the unconditional immediate reinstatement of President Zelaya, demand that the Honduran military doesn't move against the people and their democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya and ensure that the coup plotters will be held responsible for their actions. Any bloodshed will be on the hands of the coup government and security forces."

Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 with the same message.

Visit NarcoNews for a detailed report back of the days events.
Dec 2006
Amnesty International Reports on Police and Military Violence in Honduras

Amnesty International has released a report detailing the human rights abuses and illegal detentions carried out by the coup government in Honduras. The report mentions the beatings of peaceful protesters and attacks on journalists. Read the report here.

In a press conference from Guadalajara, Mexico on August 10, Barack Obama criticized human rights activists who have called on the U.S. to take a stronger stance on the coup, by calling their requests “hypocrisy.†Obama failed to mention that the U.S. has not frozen U.S. bank accounts of coup leaders, withdrawn their visas, or followed the global trend of removing its ambassador from Honduras. Under U.S. law, it is also required that the U.S. cut off all aid besides humanitarian aid in the event of a coup. This has not happened, and Honduran soldiers continue to train at the SOA/WHINSEC. Read a condemnation of Obama’s comments and the position of the U.S. on Honduras.
Dec 2006
Video: Despite Pledge to Cut Military Ties to Coup Regime, US Continues to Train Honduran Soldiers at School of Americas

While the European Union cut off aid to the coup regime in Honduras, the United States continues the money flow, and while the US says it has cut military ties, the National Catholic Reporter reveals Honduran army officers are still receiving military training at the notorious School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia.

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