Vashon Island man sent manifesto before he was killed at detention center

Jan 2014
Okay. I clicked the link. It says that the man's "friends" are defending him. It doesn't say: "Lefties hold vigile in honor of armed terrorist killed in gun fight".

If it did, they'd probably have spelled the word "vigil" correctly.

Mr. Swimmer,

The lead video shows leftists holding vigil in honor armed terrorist killed in gun fight. Did I not say that?

Perhaps you failed to notice (read: chose to ignore) the ANTIFA flag waving in the wind?

And even if it were only friends, why would friends honor an armed terrorist bomber if they were not fellow travelers?
Dec 2015
After considering the matter, and thanks to Kallie Knoetze's prodding, I've decided to denounce Antifa as well.
Jan 2018
Plamer Earth
I find it quite sad that the Democratic Party seems to be saddled with such lunacy. Why are they not simply lunatics instead of "Lefty lunatics"? BTW.. I am left-handed, and am personally offended by the appropriation of the term "lefty".