VIDEO: Joe Biden in 1996 said it would be an “ACT OF WAR” If Iran attacked a U.S. Facility

Mar 2019
God's Country
A video segment from ABC news back in 1996 shows Joe Biden declaring that any attack on a U.S. facility is grounds for retaliation.
“It’s an act of war, if they do, and they yield their sovereignty. Wiretaps won’t change that,” says Biden.
“And so the United States does what?” asks ABC’s Sam Donaldson.
To which Biden responds “It could take whatever action it deems appropriate.” - Joe Biden

Joe Biden recently launched an advert attacking President Trump after he authorized the killing of terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani. But the former Vice President didn’t feel the same way back in 1996.

Joe can't remember what state he's in half the time, never mind what he said in 1996.


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Rev. Hellh0und

Former Staff
Jul 2011
Somewhere below 14th and East.
He was VP when Obama put soleimani on the top of the terrorist most wanted list where Osama stood.

He's such a piece of shit.
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Jul 2014
Poor ole Joe.

He just wants it both ways, that's all.

Or, maybe he doesn't remember what he said back then.

His brain, at 77 years old, just doesn't work very well anymore.

Assuming it ever did...
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Mar 2019
God's Country
Technically, the United States has been at war with Iran for about forty years already. For any government officials to provide funds in the way that the Obama Administration did for a country known to be a bonafide state sponsor of terrorism is committing treasonous activities.
May 2007
Houston, Texas
Biden wouldn't have killed this Iranian. He's got more sense than Trump and his assholes.