Vigilantes do it cheaper

Jan 2008
Is it not about time that more sectors of the judiciary were hived out to the private sector? We have privatised gaols and many of law enforcement responsibilities now lie in the private sector so why not raw immediate justice? The mexican government calculates that it saves them approximately ten billion dollars per annum. This is achieved by paying scant regard to the criminal enterprises that rinse their communities out of the bandits who crossed them or shopped them. I am not suggesting we adopt the full mexican model and leave the dead at the side of the road for the vultures but we could have instead a collection area where citizens either law abiders or not can leave their victims. THis DIY justice could concievably save the treasury a trillion bucks over five years. There has to be safeguards in place of course so that the system is not open to abuse so permits need to be issued on a first come first served basis . Once allocations have been achieved and validated the community gets a cheque to spend on more razor wire or ammo or anything else that could be be reasonably classed as security.

Vigilantes have always attracted a bad press so its time that this untapped reservoir of capability is exercised and given recognition for what is potentially a big saver for cash strapped states . One of the biggest hurdles in inaugerating such a major shift in policing is the sensitivity of driving to work each morning and noticing another body behind the green bottle bank - this is understandable - some people confuse them so a clearly marked collection point behind the bus shelter is a must to allay local concerns.