Vintage WWII bomber crashes in Connecticut

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Wow we just had an airshow up here in NH and saw these things flying around..

Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, is the scene of a fiery plane crash that occurred on the morning of October 2. The Connecticut Police and Fire Union tweeted that crews were battling the blaze created by the crash around 10 a.m.

The airport said in a statement, “We can confirm that there was an accident involving a Collings Foundation World War II aircraft this morning at Bradley Airport. We have an active fire and rescue operation underway. The airport is closed. We will issue further updates as information becomes available.”

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May 2019
The Wine Country
One day I heard this horrific roar in the sky. I went outside and saw a B-24 fly over. It was followed by a B-17, two B-25s and two P-51s.

The Freedom Flight was visiting the Wine Country Air Museum. It was kind of a treat because the B-24 - named 'Witchcraft' - is the only one still flying.

They are so loud. I tried to imagine what it must have been like in Hamburg or Bremen when 500 of them flew at once.



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Jun 2014
United States
I used to be friends with a man who was involved in a WWII flight museum and flew those old WWII planes. I have a bunch of old photos of them packed away somewhere. I've been out of touch with him for decades. Don't know if he's still actively involved. Any crash is a horrible event, but it's also a shame to lose the last of these old aircraft, in addition to the human cost of any such accident.