Vital for China to achieve decisive outcome in conflict with US

Jan 2014
1. A bipartisan pair of senators on Thursday warned the Trump administration against using Chinese telecom giant Huawei as a "bargaining chip" in U.S.-China trade talks, calling the federal government's actions against the company a matter of "national security."

The letter comes after President Trump in recent weeks signaled he might be willing to relax some of the sanctions against Huawei in exchange for concessions from China in the trade negotiations.

Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in letters on Thursday said Huawei should be treated as its own issue rather than being tacked on to the U.S.-China trade war.....

2. While his counterparts in Australia and the UK have fallen like a row of dominoes within a short time, it is a puzzling phenomenon that the scandal-hit Tariff Emperor won't drop "like a rock" from his throne in the White House.

Bipartisan white supremacists have avoided the risks of containing China in previous administrations, but they are eager to snatch at the chance of using the reckless scandal-hit jerk for their risky venture.

There is a Chinese idiom, "Killing the chicken to scare the monkey." It is of vital importance for China to prove to all US white supremacists that the scandal-hit White House incumbent's reckless attempts at containing its rise will come to naught. Failure for China to thwart Trump will embolden other more hawkish and dangerous bipartisan white supremacists waiting in the wings, with the result that the protracted geopolitical conflict could last many centuries.

If the Trump administration could meet its Waterloo, the US-Sino geopolitical conflict could end in a shorter time, probably from twenty years to a century.

In conclusion, it is in the interests of China and the world to face the US economic threats squarely now rather than later. Adopting a policy of appeasement will lead China and other countries to a bottomless pit of economic concessions and disasters.

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