WaPo is Fake News: Sondland did not confirm quid-pro-quo, ‘Aid was suspended because of corruption’

Dec 2014
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The fake news is the enemy of the nation. Democracy Dies with Fake News.


Washington Post reporter Rachel Bade shared on Twitter Tuesday that “Sondland confirmed quid pro quo.” Bade however, failed to include key words in Chairman Schiff’s questioning that appeared to push for a desired partisan outcome. She also failed to share a later part of the testimony, where Amb. Sondland’s clarified his answers to the Chairman.

From the transcript:

Here’s what Chairman Schiff actually said in his questioning:

(Page 280 – 281 of Sondland’s transcript)

Chairman Schiff: “There were demands, weren’t there, that an investigation take place of 2016 or Burisma? Ultimately those were demands, were they not?”

Amb. Sondland: “Ultimately, yes.”

Chairman Schiff: “And it’s fair to say that you had to navigate those demands, you had to accommodate what the President and his lawyer wanted, if you were going to set up this meeting you thought very important?”

Amb. Sondland: “I think that’s fair.”

Where Amb. Sondland clarifies his earlier statement on ‘quid-pro-quo’…

(Page 311-312)

Mr. Castor: “I just want to clarify that the last sentence of the first paragraph under Roman III — this is the sentence we reviewed before with “navigate” and “demands.” “Based on multiple readouts of these meetings” — and “these meetings” refer to the meetings on July 26th?”

Amb. Sondland: “Yes.”

Mr. Castor: ““Ambassadors Volker and Sondland reportedly provided advice to the Ukrainian leadership about how to ‘navigate’ the demands that the President has made.” But on July 26th, you were not aware the President had any demands. Is that correct?”

Amb. Sondland: “Well, I think we were aware at that point that the President wanted — I think this was still in the vanilla corruption part of the continuum. Because, again, we didn’t get a transcript of the actual call until, I think, September. ”

Mr. Castor: “Right.”

Amb. Sondland: “So this whole notion of investigating the Bidens I don’t believe would’ve come up in that meeting because we weren’t aware of it.”

Mr. Castor: “Okay. So, during that meeting, I mean, if I understand your testimony, the statement didn’t come up and –”

Amb. Sondland: “I don’t remember it coming up.”

Mr. Castor: “Okay.”

Mr. Sondland: “Didn’t flag it for me.

Amb. Sondland didn’t confirm quid-pro-quo in his addendum, which Bade and other members of the media failed to report. According to the transcript, Amb. Sondland ‘didn’t know and still doesn’t know’ why the aid to Ukraine was suspended. Moreover, Amb. Sondland “presumed” it was because of corruption.

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Feb 2010
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Then Sondland recanted on his fake news to avoid perjury charges, and told the truth. Aid was withheld to pressure false accusations from a foreign country.
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