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Soldiers,politicians and the Holy Church all declare war to be an abomination and yettwo global wars were fought in the last century and many conflicts since, somedeliberately escalated. At first glance, it would appear that war is fought fortwo reasons defense or conquest. If thisholds true than every military engagement can be quantified as either defensiveor offensive. The problem with attempting to explain every military operationas either defensive or offensive comes with three major issues. The repetitivemilitary mistakes and blunders, successive attempts at defending anun-supply-able position and the full implementation of a physical,psychological and media (PPM) driven campaign of escalation designed to enrageresistance and empower an insurgence.

Thethird factor of war will be termed escalation and this can be explained asneither defensive nor offensive. Atleast, not under the current understanding of strategic warfare, so a new moldmust be cast and forged to illustrate why escalation is politically executed. A defensive or offensive struggle fits into arational model of either cultural growth or survival, but escalation of war isnot human, or humanely logical. It wouldbe easy to say escalation requires more military arms, supplies and weapons,which it most certainly will, but this is not the only benefit escalation couldprovide a country with a closed or locked political system.

Herean investigation must be made to uncover if escalation of warfare, repetitivemilitary mistakes, successive attempts at defending an un-supply-able positionand the full implementation of a physical, psychological and media (PPM) drivencampaign has a motive that can be delineated. All historical cases of escalation appear to place more troops into adefinable Kill Zone. Hence, is there a political motive to kill off a countriesnatural born and military trained warrior population?

Warstrategy is implemented for three purposes offense, defense and escalation.Executing war policy for the solely purpose of escalation can only be explainedto increase arms sales and, or kill off soldiers. Every population produces some natural bornwarriors; people that are born hunters and others which are passive gatherers.If the political machine does not address the hunters or warriors, they willeventually demand to be included into the political system. This is a major problem for the ruling elite,which is currently implementing a two part good cop, bad cop political pyramidscheme.

Thetwo party system in the United States and throughout most proclaimeddemocracies feeds off each other in a partnership design to sell the public agovernment but to completely control the system and economically repress thepopulation. The thing about good cop, bad cop politics is you end up with nocop at all, no justice and no representation. However this is the true designand function of the current two party political system. The group that would challenge this systemare the hunters, natural born warriors or fighters, so placing them into amilitary Kill Zone might be a political method to maintain control over thesociety. Therefore kill alpha and farm passive.

Hereand now we will cover repeated, intentional military blunders, which willinclude the recurring implementation of the classic “Göring airbridge". In addition there exists aneed to explain the physical, psychological and media (PPM) driven campaigns,which escalate war. The Iraq Abu Ghraib prison pictures are a good example to aPPM campaign and the results of such an event need to be scrutinized. Note tothe world, nothing gets out of a military prison unless it is released by theRed Cross/Crescent or as an organized planned media campaign. And, the pictures from Abu Ghraib prison canonly be explained through a policy of escalation.

TheCreation of the World of Sheeple

Escalationof military war is a strategic political solution to address the problem offarming its population. What essentially is taking place is the weeding out ofthe bad eggs, the strong alpha population, so the spineless, weak-willed lowerclass can be economically depressed. This is not a final solution but acontinual solution to a problem that needs to be addressed for each successivegeneration. The system is empowered by the controlling elite and thecorruptible, justified by the media and heroized by bloodless John Wayne typemovies.

Everysociety produces four classes of people a wealthy ruling elite class,determined to maintain control. Next, asmall educated group that empowers the ruling elite and provides substandardeducation and a phony media, twisted with Homeric and Sacrificial messages. Thelast two classes of people come from the main population and include thesheeple slave working class and warriors. War is designed, negotiated and implemented with the sole purpose ofpurging the warrior class, the ones who would, and will challenge the rulingelite for part ownership in the government. The following justification will be based on physical evidence. Wars andconflicts will be researched to confirm that the world’s political systemsmaintain control through Genocide, intentionally farming a distinct populationclass.

Example1 WWI

WorldWar I occurred between 1914 and 1918 and was sold as the War to End All Wars.The event involved a global military conflict that entangled the majority ofthe world's largest political powers. The war assembled into two opposingalliances the Allied Powers and the Triple Alliance of Germany,Austria–Hungary, and Italy. More than 70 million military personnel weremobilized in the largest wars in recorded history. The main opponents descendedinto a state of total war, thrusting their entire scientific and industrialcapabilities into the war effort. More than 15 million people were killed,making it one of the deadliest conflicts in history.

Atthe end of WWI just one hour from the ceasefire the USA and British militarysent waves of troops on frontal assaults of fortified German machine gun postsentrenched in the high ground or separated by cold rivers. The official number of dead of the final daycannot be trusted but are listed as 3,000 Americans and 2,000 British CommonWealth soldiers. These warriors died in the last hours of WWI even though everycommander knew the war would be over that day. In fact one account has Germansoldiers that were manning the machine guns, pleading with the attacking AlliedPowers soldiers to stop, for the war is about to end.

“TheLast Day of World War One†was presented as a Timewatch series by the BBC whereMichael Edward Palin tells the story of how the First World War ends and coversthe final casualties. At 5:10 am 11th,11, 1918 the two parties signed the Armistead and the news was sent around theworld; hostilities would cease at 11:00 am.

MichaelPalin explains that nearly 11,000 soldiers died that final day before the 11amArmistice. This number does not include the deaths caused that day fromreceived injuries. World War One had a whole generation of men justdisappearing, the numbers are shocking, the cemeteries in northern Franceunbearably moving. The soldiers in France are buried in rank and file, andwalking between the graves, provides a feeling of being in the middle of a deadarmy.


Thedeaths which occurred on the last days of World War One cannot be explained ashaving an offensive or defensive aim. Here an unnecessary escalation of war can be unveiled. Although, itcannot be attributed to satisfying a motive to exclusively increase militaryarms sales. The only way to explainsending 11,000 men to their deaths, for no reason on the last day, final hourand up to the last minutes of World War One is to purge the population of itstrained and battle hardened warriors.

FollowingWWI the American government was challenged by the surviving veterans, whichcamped on the DC State Capital in tent cities and demanded payment of apromised war bonus. It appears now thatthe American and British governments had made a correlation between who willcause them future problems and who needs to be physically eliminated. The following century continued on the samecourse, a future that manipulated created wars as a tool so the ruling eliteand corruptible can sustain, economic and political control.

Example2 WWII

WorldWar II was a grave yard for the warrior population and took place over a 6 yearperiod of 1939 to 1945. WWII, or theSecond World War was a global military conflict which tangled most of theworld's nations; including all of the great powers. It was organized into twoopposing military alliances: the Allied and the Axis powers. The war mobilizedover 100 million military personnel, assembling the most widespread war inhuman history. The major participants positioned their entire economic,industrial, and scientific capabilities to service the war effort, in a stateof “total warâ€. WWII erased over seventy million people, whom the majorities werecivilians, making this war the deadliest conflict in human history.

Toscrutinize the entire conflict of WWII in one work is impossible but militarytactics were created and repeated over the remaining century and beyond. TheBattle of Stalingrad was completely revolutionary and would define futuremilitary strategy. In the Battle of Stalingrad, Adolf Hitler declared theGerman army would never leave the city. Later Soviets encircled Stalingrad andthe head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Göring insured he could supply the SixthArmy with an "air bridge". This air supply support system the"Göring air bridge" would allow the Germans in the city to fight onwhile a relief force was assembled.

TheSixth Army was the largest army unit in the world and almost twice as large asa regular German army unit, it should have been clear that supplying them byair was futile. The only way anymilitary intelligence unit would suggest the implementation of a "Göringair bridge" would be with the sole purpose of creating a Kill Zone, whichwould entrench their own soldiers and render them politically obsolete. OnFebruary 2, 1943 Stalingrad ended with the surrender of the German Sixth Army.The bell tolls and 478,741 Soviet and German warriors were killed or weremissing in action.

Example3 Vietnam the First Indochina War “Viva la Franceâ€

TheFrench became involved in a Vietnam War between 1946, until 1954 attempting tocontrol their Indochinese colonies and trade. The French defense plan involveda forward operating base “FOB†called Äiện Biên Phủ, placed deep in the hillsof northwestern Vietnam. The French constructed the base in the center of anopen plain surrounded by mountains on all sides. Äiện Biên Phủ, could not be supplied byground transport and a "Göring air bridge" was again resurrected.

TheFrench troops dug into Äiện Biên Phủ with fortified trenches,reminiscent of World War I warfare. The Vietnamese ,Viet Minh rainedanti-aircraft fire on the air field cutting the supply lines provided by the"Göring air bridge". Viet Minh artillery made the FOB a Kill Zonedesigned for the sole reason to eliminate the warriors from the French society.After a two-month siege, the garrison was captured and on May 7, 1954 theFrench surrendered.

TheFrench involvement in Vietnam had very little to do with French nationalsoldiers. Most of the hard field war wasfought by the French Foreign Legion which at that time included an extremelylarge contingency of crack SS troops. These ardent Nazi’s had no place to go or hide in the world at the endof WWII and joined in droves into the French Foreign Legion. The French were never planning on grantingthese X-Nazi’s French citizenship on completion of their service to the Legion,and devised a plan to exterminate this group.

Theplan involved the standard FOB Kill Zone which could only be supplied by airshipments, hence the resurrection of the classic "Göring air bridge"transpired. This strategy was takenright out of the pages of the Battle of Stalingrad and the operation wasreplicated on the failed German campaign. To make the FOB completely un defendable it was placed in a open valleysurrounded by mountains on all sides. This let the Viet Minh dig into the mountains and shower artillery onthe French forces.

Example4 Vietnam the Second Indochina War “Born in the USAâ€

TheUnited States became involved in Vietnam from 1959 to 1975 following the Frenchwithdrawal. Fourteen years later during 1968, at the height of the AmericanVietnam War, the USA military brass recreates Dien Bien Phu, along with theclassical "Göring air bridge". The name of the US Marine Corps(forward operating base) FOB is Khe Sanh. At the FOB Khe Sanh, a number ofsimilarities between Stalingrad and Dien Bien Phu can be made. Although the Americans did hold some mountainpositions, the high ground bases were sporadic, lightly defended and eventuallyover run. The primary Khe Sanh base,just like the French was positioned in an open valley surrounded by mountainson all sides with a central airfield.

KheSanh became encircled with fortified trenches, reminiscent of the World War Iwarfare. Together Stalingrad, Dien Bien Phu and now Khe Sanh could all not besupplied by the ground transport. The timeless "Göring air bridge"failed due to antiaircraft fire and the landing zone at Khe Sanh becamelittered with crashed aircrafts. Artillery hailed down and Khe Sanhpredicatively developed into a Kill Zone, designed to wash the Americanpopulation of any natural political leaders or opponents.

Theonly difference between Stalingrad, Dien Bien Phu and Khe Sanh is that theAmericans military Brass claim to have won the battle, as in a victory. Inaddition the American Military provides some statistics to show they did notmake the same mistakes. Here is one of the official military justifications,“Khe Sanh was much closer to its supply base than for Dien Bien Phuâ€.

Anotherofficial military rationalization states that “at Khe Sanh, the Americans heldthe high ground, and their artillery forced the Vietnamese to use theirartillery from a much greater distanceâ€. These skewed political explanations fail to mention that the fourteenyear arms race, the Cold War provided the Vietnamese with better artillery,which could be dug in on any mountain ridge 10 or even 20 miles away. One forward spotter with an invention calleda portable radio could easily guide or walk the Vietnamese artillery right downthe marines’ throats.

ThePPM (physical, psychological and media) campaign in Vietnam was alsoimplemented by using a small military structure called a platoon. The classicUSA army Platoon in design was applied to escalate the Vietnam confrontationand psychologically empower the resistance. The Platoon is a small group ofyoung, vicious and murderous gang of rapists and killers sent out with noleadership to eke out a level of revenge for the loss of their fellow soldiers,their O’ my brothers.

Whathomicidal actions these Platoons performed were designed at the politicalleadership level to not police the population but empower and motivate theresistance. In the Old Testament following a battle the soldiers were neverpermitted back into their village until a rest period of up to a week. This isa psychological resting period because sending soldiers into a battle and theninto villages is only performed to escalate a conflict.

TheVietnam War was driven by the media and for the first time actual engagementswere experienced firsthand by American families huddled around their dinnertables and self absorbed by their televisions. It could be said that theAmerican families themselves became so interested in tracking the progress ofthe war it became a drama, with the war playing out as a soap opera. From theH3onE3 work, hearing of a sacrifice or martyrdom was determined as a prim evilhuman instinct. Under human psychological development hearing of a sacrifice iscomforting because it insured at a primitive level, they were not thevictim.

Toadd further insult to injured and disfigured soldiers, a grass roots mediacampaign was intentionally implemented that vilified the returning Vietnamtroops. Soldiers returned to jeers, taunts and spitting at the airports and onpublic streets. CBS Evening News reported in the 1970’s events of incidencesthat soldiers were attacked and spit on at the airports. The seeminglyhomebrewed hippie, socialist, student movement started as a grass rootscampaign, which was commandeered by the social elite and utilized to render thereturning Vietnam soldiers obsolete. The arriving soldiers found themselvesdemoralized both physically and psychologically. This was the tool used to insure the soldierswould never organize into a political front, such as the WWI soldiers campingon the State capital.

Example5 Afghanistan

Afghanistanis a region with a harsh environment maintaining bad agricultural lands,mountains and high deserts. Any region with extremely harsh ecologicalconditions will be home to a brutal, unlawful and nearly inhumane populationsubsiding off what can be stolen from each other. These are the bands ofwarlords. Religions subsisting in suchharsh conditions maintain an extremely radical interpretation of scripture, andtend to have an external fundamental component of religious sacrifice.

UnlikeChristianity which internalized its sacrificial elements the Muslim religion ispropagated by externalizing its sacrificial component. In the Koran the external form of sacrificeis called Jihad. Thus a far more potent tool is built to propagate Islam, thanthe internal sacrificial element is in Linear Western Religion. Western religion provides its god assacrifices, which is an internal form of sacrifice. This method is not “asâ€, anattractive growth mechanism and in fact hardly believable. Since convert ordie, is at the fundamental theology of the Muslim sacrificial element, in timefollowing the continual course, all shall be converted. The sacrificial element built into the Muslimreligion is that powerful, that potent and well constructed.

AfghanistanBritish Colonialism and Russian Stupidity

TheBritish attempted three times to colonize Afghanistan, all three failed. DrWilliam Brydon was the sole survivor of First Anglo-Afghan War, the invadingBritish army consisted of 16,500 people, 4,500 military personnel, and over12,000 civilian camp followers. Safepassage was granted to the British as they retreated through snowbound mountainpasses. The Ghilzai warriors reneged and the withdrawing British were attackedtransiting the gorges and mountain peaks along the Kabul River between Kabuland Gandama. The British were finallymassacred at the Gandamak pass before reaching the besieged garrison atJalalabad. Dr Williams Brydon fled on ahorse and never looked back, surviving the account and memorialized in theElizabeth Butler painting.

TheFirst Anglo–Afghan War lasted from 1839 to 1842. It was one of the first majorconflicts during the Great Game, the 19th century competition for power andinfluence in Central Asia between Great Britain and Russia. In 1878, theBritish invaded again, beginning the Second Anglo-Afghan War. In the late 19thcentury, Afghanistan became a buffer state in "The Great Game" playedbetween the British Indian kingdom and Russian Empire. On August 19, 1919,following the third Anglo-Afghan war, the country regained full independencefrom the United Kingdom over its foreign affairs. The conclusion wasAfghanistan had just gained a reputation as a graveyard for foreign armies.

OnDecember 24, 1979 over 100,000 Soviet troops took part in the invasion ofAfghanistan backed by another one hundred thousand members of the AfghanParcham faction militia. The current ruler Amin was killed and replaced byBabrak Karmal. Soviet occupation of Afghanistan was part of the Cold Warstrategy, the United States responded by arming and supporting the Afghan mujahideen. U.S. support began during the Carteradministration, but increased substantially during the Reagan regime, in whichit became a centerpiece of the so-called Reagan Doctrine. The Soviet occupationresulted in the deaths of between six hundred thousand to 2 million Afghancivilians. Soviets withdrew in 1989.

911the Two Towers and the Two Conspiracies

The911 incident is no different than Pearl Harbor pre-empt to WWII or the sinkingof the Lusitnia in 1915 the pre-cursor to WWI. To commit hundreds of thousandsof soldiers to war requires a media campaign and an epic event seems to serve ahigher purpose. Leading up to the 911 attack on the world trade center a fewsigned appeared that the world’s conflicts had brewed an extremely radical andorganized religious element. This meansthat the extremely harsh ecological conditions of the Middle East which willnaturally produce a brutal, nearly inhumane population, is now well organizedand technologically advanced. Thanks to the conflicts forged during the ColdWar conflicts and Reagan Doctrine.

Inturn both the hard natural conditions along with the war fabricated anextremely outward progression of the Islamic religion with its fundamentalexternal component of saintly sacrifice. Loss of family, friends, brothers andloved ones from the Afghan cold war conflict now organized into an ideologicalstruggle with defined enemies throughout the world. The organized and well funded group namedAl-Qaeda now targeted both Russia and the Linear Western Religious Alliance.

Chronicleto the Rise of Terrorism: ExternalSacrifice

-1992 first Al-Qaeda's terrorist attack, two bombs detonated in Aden, Yemen.

-1992 Israeli Embassy destroyed in Buenos Aires.

-1993, Ramzi Yousef used a truck bomb to attack the World Trade Center in NewYork City.

-1994 A small bomb explodes on board Philippine Airlines flight 434. Authoritiesfound out Ramzi Yousef planted the bomb as a test for future intended terroristattacks.

-1995 Bombing of military compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

-1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia.

-1997 Islamic terrorists attack tourists in Luxor, Egypt.

-1998 Two United States embassies in East African, Tanzania and Kenya carriedout simultaneously.

-1999 Russian apartment bombings lead Russia into the Second Chechen War.

-2000 Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen bombed the missile destroyer U.S.S. Cole.

-2000 Jordan bombing plot of four sites uncovered.

- 2000 Ahmed Ressam, plot to bomb Los AngelesInternational Airport (LAX).

-2000 Christmas Eve, Indonesia terrorist attack by Al Qaeda involvingcoordinated bombs.

-2000 Rizal Day, multiple bombings around Manila in the Philippines.

-2000 German police foil plot to attack a cathedral in Strasbourg, France.

-Sept 11, 2001 A series of coordinated Al-Qaeda suicide attacks took place.Terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. The hijackersintentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the WorldTrade Center in New York City. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into thePentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth plane crashed into a field nearShanksville in rural Pennsylvania.


Consideringthe growing outward progression of an external sacrificial religious movementprior to September 11, 2001 attacks, a stronger security system should havebeen initiated at airports. In fact, theopposite occurred, less spending for airport security was mandated. Half of all the x-ray and metal detectingequipment in the airports was broken. The staff which managed the security at the airports was paid by the lowestbidding contractor. Most airport security workers received a handsome minimumwage.

Twoconspiracies occurred around the 911 events. The first designed into the USAinfrastructure, airport security and lack of controlled immigration. The second conspiracy can be located in the911 grassroots media campaign that swanked a long list of completely falseconspiracies. This was performed for the sole purpose of hiding the structuraldeficiencies. These structural failingsreplicated so closely, the WWII Pearl Harbor incident that they had to becovered and hidden by a homebrewed yellow journalism campaign.

Thismeans that the 911 media campaign was organized, led and financed byclandestine government leadership designed to spam the worlds open media. Theinternet was utilized and pirated to hide the structural similarities between911 and Pearl Harbor. The USA government was supported by a yellow mediajournalism campaign, which brewed out of church pews. The commercial media fed their fire andfinancing soon followed the grassroots yellow journalists, which than producedfollowers outside the church organizations. The original 911 conspirators groups met at church spaces and connectedfunding can all be traced back to churches.

USAin Afghanistan

Followingthe September 11 2001 attacks the United States launched Operation EnduringFreedom, a military campaign to destroy the Al-Qaeda terrorist training campsinside Afghanistan. The U.S. military threatened to overthrow the Talibangovernment for refusing to hand over Osama bin Laden and several Al-Qaedamembers. The U.S. made a common cause agreement with the Northern Alliance, amilitia still operating in Afghanistan.

TheUnited States government, military strategists and the commercial media fullypurged of any historical record, suffering from amnesia, unable to remember theBritish attempt at imperialism, the soviet crack at conquest, now sends theAmerican army into the Killing Zone of Afghanistan; the graveyard of manyforeign armies. Exactly how does a military with no friendly border or coasttransport troops and supplies into the mountainous desolated region ofAfghanistan, yeap you got it, a "Göring air bridge" with the entirecountry being a FOB and natural Kill Zone. The classic “Göring air bridge†wasestablished to now supply and fight an entire war.

WestPointand all military colleges certainly must teach the fundamental Nazi strategy topropagate the death of its own natural borne warrior class. The only group withany backbone willing to physically challenge the ruling political controlcontinues to be sent into Kill Zones and forward airbases for their personaldestruction. The connection between who controls these puppet strings goes deepinto the dark pits of Fraternal and Masonic societies which Göring materializesas a chief architect.

Example6 Iraq War

TheIraq war was also turned into a warrior Kill Zone but utilized a new method tospiral up the conflict and cut off any possible withdrawal plan. To escalatethe war and insurgence, a media driven psychological campaign was utilized. Here the USA military arranged a mediacampaign which released pictures of torture, homosexual rap and clinicalatrocities of the Iraq civilian population. Essentially nothing escapes amilitary prison unless it is intended to be released as a direct politicalpolicy.

Themost interesting element of the Abu Ghraib prison torture pictures can be foundin the actual pictures. The positionsthe prisoners were posed in were far more advanced and explicit then the guardswere educated enough to produce. If anything, here is the proof that the prisonguards were led by a extremely sophisticated intelligence operation and not bya small group of ruffians. A few pictures even demonstrated Muslim men assumingthe classical crucifixion pose, reminiscent of the Jesus Christ Passion story. The reaction from the Muslim world waspredictable.

Solet’s examine the Abu Ghraib prison torture pictures for their sophisticatedelements. Multiple pictures of prisonerswere photographed with them assuming position or poses of extreme importance,one being a pyramid and the other an out stretched eagle / Christ. These structural positions were intended torepresent and replicate the United States great seal, which can be found on theback of the one dollar bill. The pyramidstructure was designed to represent the Freemason emblem and their handilywork. This being the Temple of Solomon square symbol of the Pi circle secret,here utilized to repress the free minded educated population. The eagle posturesymbolized the manifestation of Zeus and that the Iraqi people have now hadtheir Zeus, crucified in the Christian style.

TheAbu Ghraib prison pictures were staged and the young uneducated, enlistedsoldiers were tossed into the photos to appear as participants and ringleaders. The commissioned soldiers weresimple puppets used as ponds to hold the reigns and responsibilities ofincreasing the conflict. The media blastof the Abu Ghraib photos caused an escalation of the Iraqi war by empoweringthe resistance.This brought soldiers and supplies from throughout the Muslimworld to fight a guerrilla war.

Thephotos were taken using a camera owned by Cpl. Charles A. Graner . On January2004, Specialist Joseph Darby handed over horrific images of detainee abuse tothe Army's Criminal Investigation Command (CID). The next day, the Armylaunched a phony criminal investigation with a directive to only interview tolow hanging fruit on the tree. No commanding officers from the prison were tobe interviewed. Three and a half months later, CBS News and the New Yorkerpublished the photos and stories that introduced the world to devastatingscenes of torture and suffering inside the decrepit prison.

Theabu ghraib prison photos caused perhaps the worst US public relations disastersince the invasion of Iraq. The published photos in 2004 damaged the image ofthe United States as it fought an escalating war against insurgents in Iraq andcreated a deep resentment throughout the Muslim world. The photos caused arapid escalation of the conflict. Prior to the release of photos February 2004,19 servicemen were named dead and reports of 150 wounded, future pull outseemed possible. Following the mediahype and frenzy, by April the number of deaths jumped to 136 with 1214 severelywounded. The death and casualty rate hasremained high ever since.

Example7 French revolution

Nowan understanding has been constructed to the reason why war is implemented,here we can board the time machine yet again and explain the French Revolution.The French Revolution was implemented to enlist the warriors from the world’spoor, serf, sheeple population and coerce’ them into a Kill Zone. Napoleon Bonaparte was merely a chess pond, atool used as a puzzle piece to clean and clear the natural warriors fromsociety throughout Europe.

Bonapartewas given victory after victory until all the natural born warriors of Europewere conscribed, enlisted and lumped into one potato sack. This potato sack was then driven past thesupply lines and was annihilated in the desolate plains of Russia. Whatpotatoes fell out of the Russian campaign were again, given victory aftervictory and marched up a steep hillcrest into a Kill Zone forged at the Battleof Waterloo. This was the puppet Napoleons last struggle and it ended in 1815,June 18th.

TheAmerican Civil War

Slaveryis a horrific and demoralizing event in American history but here we must talkabout it in a functional aspect detached from personal feelings. Only here willyou find the Civil war to be a completely unnecessary event because theindustrial revolution was very close to ending the need for a large untrainedlabor force. In fact more AmericanAfricans slaves died fighting, during the war than would have otherwise beingfreed by the industrial Revolution. Although,a slave should have every right to fight for their freedom and this can only becommended, historically we will view this war as unnaturally created.

Whenthe American Civil war occurred the Cotton Gin had already been invented andmany other inventions that mechanized farming, by default eliminated any needfor slavery. The modern cotton gin was created by the American inventor EliWhitney in 1793 to mechanize the cleaning of cotton. The invention was granteda patent on March 14, 1794. The gin caused a massive growth in the productionof cotton in the American South. Whereas formerly this work required a largelabor source to hand clean and separate the fiber from the seeds. The cottongin revolutionized the process and eliminated the need of a large worker force.

Onsome farms slaves were already wielding tubes which sucked cotton bolls off theplants making the laborious task of picking obsolete. This sort of machine hadbeen patented since 1859 with tentacle like hoses that extended from a singlevacuum tank, it look rather like an octopus.

Slaverywas a tool used by the controlling elite at the beginning of the industrialrevolution to weed out the hunters and warriors from both the black, tan, redand white population. The system used a yellow journalistic media campaign todrive up strife, separation and conflict between the North and South. This was the ground work for the controllingelite to draw the population’s swords into a long war. The term yellowjournalism was invented during this time period and was the tool used to startand continue the war.

Slaveryas inhuman or human as it is, was a tool used to separate the sides and drawwarriors into battle. These warriorslined up in the Napoleonic row, upon row of ducks and they eliminatedthemselves from political significance.

Warriorstend to use force and not their intellect to understand, negotiate and solveissues. They grab first at the guns and the survivor’s communicate theiraccounts to pen and paper. It is their one weakness, their cross placed abovetheir heads to bear for a life time. In the eyes of the world a historyglorified by war is easier to justify than outright Genocide.

Nowthe situation has been made nice and crystal clear and determined thatgenocidal social conditioning has been forced on the world’s population througheach successive generation, without doubt. The Great finale, overall climax,prophecy or Revelation has still yet to be played out. The H2onE2 and H3onE3labor strikes remorselessly at illuminating the human / humane impasse but,"When a man cannot choose correctly right from wrong, he ceases to be aman."
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I consider myself an intellectual terrorist. I explode mind bombs for future people, cause here we are not smart enough to understand them. So I never give info about me, age or address, I am a real geologist BS. I do have a virtual Address in Second Life Clockwork Orange Milk Bar. I also give events every Saturday, in voice 4 PM SLT, which is the same as USA West Coast.


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