Warren insults Comptroller of the Currency. "Good!"


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Wow. I'm liking her more every day.

And I know some Trump voters who claimed that Obama was weak not to do this.

Video clip here:

"No one has been tougher on Wells Fargo than myself," Treasury official Joseph Otting says.

"You mean at the OCC? That's a low bar," Sen. Elizabeth Warren responds.

"I would disagree with that. I find that insulting, that you would make that comment."

"Good!" Warren says.
Elizabeth Warren Just Laid a Devastating Burn on the Comptroller of the Currency
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It's the guys decision to release information or not.

If she didn't want to be just a troll looking for votes she would introduce a bill to take that right away from him so she could have access to the information.

Simple thing to do and effective yet she prefers to harp on this cat and mouse game to get camera time and look tough.

How sad.