Warren Wants to Revoke 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre Medals of Honor

Jul 2011
I will mull it over. My Grandfather left Poland in 1935 and moved to Jerusalem. With his family ,of course. His five brothers and four sisters were not so lucky. Two of my Great uncles died fighting the Nazis. The remainder? Aside from a couple of postcards ,never heard from again. ----Now My Lai? THAT was current events when I was young. Happened BEFORE I was sent over there. I do know this. I would never have obeyed THAT order.
That response only increases my respect for you, and I would have expected no less. :)
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Sep 2019
I really can't imagine why these medals were given in the first place but Warren wanting to revoke them now is nothing more than a cheap trick and an attempt to stir up old wounds to distract from her failing candidacy. If this is what we could expect from her as president it's yet another reason not to let her anywhere near the Whitehouse.


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Dec 2007
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Whut? I only followed the news report I linked. I assumed she had sponsored it.
Nope. She didn't sponsor the bill. Or co-sponsor it. See for yourself. Search the page, or any tab thereof for the name "Warren."

Don't follow news reports based on headlines. Always read the bill, see if the story checks out.
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May 2019
The Wine Country
Since I saw Zulu as a kid, I've been a big fan of the Victoria Cross. (And Michael Caine.)

There's a great story about the VC I recently read.

There were five pilots who earned the Victoria Cross during the Battle Of Britain and survived. Churchill summoned them to office so that he could meet them. He walked around his desk and looked them over saying You must feel a great deal of awe and humility to stand in my presence.

Of course they agreed. This was Churchill for heaven's sake.

And Churchill said Then you can imagine how awed and humbled I am to stand in your presence.

Lovely story.

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Oct 2014
Galaxy ZRF
A new Senate bill would rescind medals from 20 U.S. soldiers who slaughtered hundreds of Native Americans. “The horrifying acts of violence against hundreds of Lakota men, women and children at Wounded Knee should be condemned,” Ms. Warren said.

WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Wednesday introduced legislation to revoke Medals of Honor from 20 United States soldiers who killed hundreds of Native American women and children in the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890.

The proposal from Ms. Warren, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, follows a House bill on the same subject that was introduced in June by Representative Denny Heck of Washington. It has yet to receive a vote.

“The horrifying acts of violence against hundreds of Lakota men, women and children at Wounded Knee should be condemned, not celebrated with Medals of Honor,” Ms. Warren said in a statement released Wednesday by her Senate office. “The Remove the Stain Act acknowledges a profoundly shameful event in U.S. history, and that’s why I’m joining my House colleagues in this effort to advance justice and take a step toward righting wrongs against Native peoples.”

Congress has rescinded more than 900 Medals of Honor since enacting legislation in 1916 to create a board of retired military officers to review previously awarded medals, according to Ms. Warren’s Senate office.


The Wounded Knee massacre, one of the deadliest attacks on Native American people by the United States military, took place on Dec. 29, 1890. Amid a crackdown on a religious movement called the Ghost Dance, United States troops arrested a Lakota leader, Chief Big Foot, and confined him and his people to a camp in southwestern South Dakota. When they were asked to surrender their weapons, a gun went off and soldiers opened fire. More than 300 Lakota Sioux are thought to have been killed.

Congress formally apologized for the massacre in 1990, though it did not provide any reparations for descendants of Native Americans killed at Wounded Knee.


Even if Warren is doing this because of Trump's ridicule of her for claiming she has Native American ancestry, I still think on the whole it's positive. This is a minority group in our country that is unarguably most oppressed and exploited by our government, historically and currently.

Your thoughts?
She’s 100% correct. Wounded Knee was a horrible and pathetic tragedy.
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