Watch Lindsey diss a Marine constituent when he asks about Trump

May 2019
Gooseberrymesa said:

It means you realize somebody claiming to be a vet has no special rights to accost a congressperson and demand an impromptu audience. I agree.
We do that alot here in America. Demanding that our elected reps hear us out is part of living in a democracy, comrade. If Lindsey is soooo sensitive he needs to find another line of work.
Hopefully Lady Lindsey will be gone (like sleazy Trump) come Nov. 4, 2020. 2020 is his re-election year.
May 2019
West Haven
And before Flynn was forced to plead guilty or watch the Mueller goons destroy his son did you call for a hands off policy on him due to his lifetime of military service. Obviously the answer is no.
What then fuck are you claiming that the vet who talked to Lindsay Graham did wrong?
Flynn is an admitted felon who turned his back on his country for money. Your revisionist history is bullshit.