Watch Lindsey diss a Marine constituent when he asks about Trump

Sep 2019
Didn't back off of anything. Sounds like there may be a reading comprehension issue going on here.
Let me ask you,
If Nancy Pelosi was walking down a hallway, and a vet stopped her to ask about all the extreme left wingers who are pushing socialist programs, would you be defending her as she beat feet to her safe space? I bet probably not. Neither would I, just like with Graham. Would your position be the same in both instances?
Adding the qualifier of citizen is backing off the premise of the OP which puts a self proclaimed vet a rung above and entitled to special consideration.
As much as I disdain congress critters on both sides of the isle they should have the right to walk around freely without being cornered and questioned by anyone and everyone with a bone to pick so your assumption about my attitude towards Palousy would be mistaken.
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