WATCH: SEN SCHUMER Visits Obama’s Cages On Border…Doesn’t Mention Shocking Claims Of “overcrowded, filthy cells” In Lawsuit Agains

Dec 2014
The Milky Way
And where was Schumer and colleagues, and the MSM, in 2015?

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) reminded him that in fact, the cages he’s criticizing were built to house immigrants during Obama’s two terms in office.
Funny, that Senator Schumer never mentions the 2015 class-action lawsuit filed by the ACLU, the American Immigration Council and others against the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention facilities in Barack Obama’s seventh year as our President of the United States. The 2015 lawsuit alleged that Tucson Sector Border Patrol holds men, women, and children in freezing, overcrowded, and filthy cells for days at a time in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Detained individuals are stripped of outer layers of clothing and forced to suffer in brutally cold temperatures; deprived of beds, bedding, and sleep; denied adequate food, water, medicine and medical care, and basic sanitation and hygiene items such as soap, sufficient toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diapers, and showers; and held virtually incommunicado in these conditions for days.
According to the lawsuit, the Obama administration held migrants in wretched, inhumane condition. The lawsuit specifically mentions children being held in these conditions:
The American Immigration Council published photos of the conditions in the Obama-era facilities. The images show dozens of illegal immigrants being held in crowded, filthy cells. There are no beds or mats for sleeping, with many of the migrants sleeping on a packed floor in a head-to-toe arrangement. Other images show mothers changing the diapers of their children on the cold concrete floor. Others show garbage piling up in the cells. Many images picture children living in these conditions.

WATCH: SEN SCHUMER Visits Obama’s Cages On Border…Doesn’t Mention Shocking Claims Of "overcrowded, filthy cells" In Lawsuit Against Obama Regime Detention Centers