We Humans Are A Mongrel Species

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Jul 2011
I definitely am...

Armenian mother, "Slavic" Russian Cossack father; and what exactly is "Cossack", various sciensey, nerdy types over there argue to this day if the Cossacks are an ethnic group of their own or simply a warrior caste among the Russians and Ukrainians.

And Cossacks, in the centuries serving the Tsars as Russia's border vanguards, living on wild frontiers; they mixed blood plenty.

In Northern Caucasus, dad's (and thus mine) homeland, they would raid nearby Circassian, Chechen, etc settlements (mostly, to be fair, in retaliation for their own similar banditry against Slavic villages in the vicinity; but, anyway) and kill their men and drive off their livestock, but also carry away the younger and attractive females for themselves too

:D For centuries, this went on. Some Cossack tribes there, supposedly, according to some stories, developed such a taste for the exotic dark haired Turkic girls, they were no longer attracted to own Slavic women, they would ONLY take captured Muslim women as brides haha

I have been told by various relatives that we all have at least 30% Muslim Circassian and Turkic blood in our veins, this way ;)

Even today, the stereotypical Southern Russian Cossack girl is dark haired and her facial features are much more Turkic or Caucasian than Slavic

Can't beat centuries of breeding lmao

And now look at my sons, who, in addition to all of that, have their mother's Brazilian blood, with all it's own mixes haha

Awesome, eh? :)
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