We, the Walmart people.

Apr 2012
I was born and raised in Akron, but my dad's family is out of Sistersville and Charleston, went there in late18th century from Virginia and Pennsylvania, but my dad was born in Akron. Pretty country. My dad used to say they were not "hillbillies", they were "Mountain Williams".
The true Hillbillies live in Tennessee and are proud of that name.:)
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Jun 2007
I just swept a couple of inches off the front porch and steps and the sun deck. Seems to drift in those places.

Probably an inch so far. I just wanted the fresh air.:) not really cold
I noticed that. TWC is still predicting 1 - 3" in our area, so I'm not worried. There's a big difference between that and 4 - 6". :)
Sep 2014
The true Hillbillies live in Tennessee and are proud of that name.:)
Some of them...not all. Some Southern people look at it as a stereotype as a slur...like the N word. This is why it is not a good thing to stereotype or broad brush..someone always gets offended. My Dad hates that word...hillbilly or red neck because it was used against him when he migrated to Detroit. He would spend days standing in line for a factory job and was skipped over due to his southern accent and he heard the word too many times as a negative description. He ended up working on changing his southern accent and ended up getting a job as a result. When we lived in Michigan, you could barely tell by his accent he was from the South. I have a little bit of a Southern accent with certain words....his accent is about like mine now. I personally prefer, Country girl. :) Red neck or hillbilly carries the same stereotype as towel head for arabs. The difference in society, one is mocked with outrage while the other is a accepted slur without consequence.

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