Weapons in movies/television

Dec 2018
the Heart of America
For fun, not politics: a thread about weapons used (or misused) in entertainment.

I love technology, especially my DVR. Lately I’ve been catching up on a lot of recorded series by binge watching them. One was “Fear the Walking Dead”. There was an episode (Humbug’s Gulch) where two of the main characters are in an Old West town. A collection of old west weapons are found and used against the zombies. Dorie, as shown below, uses an 1847 Walker Colt. It’s distinctly large, much akin to Dirty Harry’s S&W revolver, also a .44 caliber pistol.


Tonight I was watching the series finale of Preacher. The Saint of Killers also uses the very distinctive Walker Colt:

The Walker Colt has, IMO, an interesting history since it came about because of the Texas Rangers fighting the Comanches and, without them, Samuel Colt would probably have died penniless.

This one is mine. It’s easy to see it’s very large compared to a Colt Peacemaker replica and a Colt 1911A1 (SA replica). It holds 60 grains of blackpowder per chamber and is accurate out to 100 yards.