Weapons of Soviet cosmonauts

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Jul 2011
We have become used, today (and thank God for that) to the diverse international crews working peacefully together aboard the ISS up there

Today, as far as I know, there probably aren't any weapons up there. It likely isn't even allowed. Probably there's some reaty about it or something, at this point. I sure as hell

The Cold War, however, was a very different time. The US and the Soviet Union were rival both on Earth AND in space too, even if Neal Armstrong, to his credit as the great man that he was, dedicated his "giant leap" on the Moon to all of "mankind", rather than just America or the West :)

You all may not be aware of this, but, back then, it was normal for Soviet cosmonaut crew to pack arms when going on their rocket missions. Officially, the main purpose for most of these was to help the cosmonauts survive, should something go awry on their return descent and they were to land in some desolate area in the Siberian taiga, or the Arctic or something. However, it was also a perfectly valid concern, back then, that, believe it or not, US astronauts may attempt to forcibly board Soviet spacecrafts up there, and the cosmonauts were also armed to repel such an assault if it ever came to that...

There was the "space revolver" TOZ-81 "Mars"

It could be loaded with two types of rounds, a .410 caliber, either filled with shotgun-type pellet hunting rounds or single elongated needle-like bullet, similar to ones used in the underwater guns of combat divers; and a 5,45 mm exploding round, apparently for hunting or fighting off bears and other such big beasts (and, probably, also for blowing the heads off enemy spacemen...)

It also had a fold-out blade in the barrel, which could, I suppose, be used as a bayonet in close quarters combat aboard a space station

The fairly heavy detachable stock there could also be used as a club, I think. Though, I can't imagine it'd be very effective in weightlessness lol But, who knows...

Then, there was the TP-82

That thing has three barrels, actually.

The upper two shotgun barrels used 12.5×70 mm ammunition (28 gauge), and the lower rifled barrel used 5.45x39mm ammunition:

TP-82 Cosmonaut survival pistol - Wikipedia

The removable stock also doubled as a machete

But, of course, the coolest cosmonaut weapon of all, was a real life Star Treque-esque LAZER pistol!

It was developed by this guy, Viktor Sulakvelidze

Red Army general and scientist.

It used a green garnet crystal

it generated an infrared ray, amplified by a special lamp. The gun did not have own built in energy source, that contraption, weighing 3-5 kgs, would be worn or carried separately by the cosmonaut.

The pistol, reportedly, was not a lethal weapon, but it was capable of inflicting severe, incapacitating chemical burns on a person...

US astronauts, meanwhile, reportedly carried a knife like this, called "Astro", from Randall Made Knives: Randall Made Knives - Wikipedia

There was also, apparently, a prototype project called GyroJet, a gun that fired mini-rocket bullets, believe it or not, in development back in like 60s, intended for astronauts, among other target markets

But it proved very inaccurate and erratic, and the ammunition - very expensive; so, that didn't really take off, pardon the pun lol

That's about all I was able to learn on this subject, thus, far.

Enjoy :)