Weapons used for peaceful purposes

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Jul 2011
Russian army sappers carried out a series of explosions in Khabarovsk Region on Friday in an effort to blow up a massive boulder that was blocking the Bureya River. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, more than ten tons of TNT were used to tackle the jam caused by a landslide, which had happened in the area in the beginning of December. It was reportedly the fifth series of operations aimed at freeing the river, which has the largest regional hydropower plant with gravity dam built on it. The final phase of the works is set to be accomplished until February 18.

They seem to have lots of issues with rock slides and also ice jams on rivers over there, and explosives are commonly employed to clear them.

Even use air strikes, on some occasions

And here, old Soviet anti-aircraft cannon is used by an anti-avalanche team on Elbrus Mountain, in North Caucasus, highest peak in Europe, very popular with hikers and skiers and adventurers from all over the country; they deliberately set off avalanches to prevent future ones

Sometimes, even deadly things can be used to do good :)
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May 2012
By the wall
We tried bombing a volcano once to see if it would stop an eruption.

Actually we tried it three times.
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