Weird How The NRA Knew What an AR-15 Was For in 1962, But Now They Claim It is For Personal Protection

Mar 2019
"US" of A
any semi auto gun that can accept or be easily modified to accept high capacity magazines- high capacity means anything over at least 10 rounds, i think 6 would be better. so simple even a trump voter might understand, maybe even trump.
Really? I don't think he can understand. Don ain't never been agun guy. This is WWE shtick.
Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
you are old, you probably drive 40mph in the left lane with your left blinker on, screaming like you do here at all the "asshole drivers" you are impeding in the fast lane. come on, you know it's true.
So, you do not wish to challenge the accuracy & truthfulness of my comments.
All you have is childish ageist cracks.
Not in the least bit surprising. *shrug*

C'mon, you know that's true.
Damn kids!