Weirdest Putin statue EVER

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Jul 2011

A local sculptor wants to gift President Vladimir Putin a statue depicting the president’s head atop the body of a bear with angel wings and holding a fish in its paws.

The forged iron figure — dubbed “Mind, Strength and Soul” and sculpted over several months — is a metaphor for Russia, the sculptor told Astrakhan-based news website

Viktor Korpachyov said that the sturgeon in Putin’s hands is a take on Astrakhan's regional symbol. The eagle that the bear is stepping on symbolizes Russia’s enemies, he added.

Although Korpachyov wanted to exhibit the monument formally, it is standing in an outdoor courtyard of a local residence.

In 2008, the Moscow City Duma monuments commission rejected a proposal to build a Putin statue in central Moscow, with one official saying it was a question for "future generations."

Four years earlier, sculptor Zurab Tsereteli crafted a statue of Putin in a judo outfit. The offering was coldly received by the Kremlin and was left to stand in the artist's personal gallery.
Russian Sculptor Wants to Gift Putin-Bear Statue to the President

I mean, Judo Putin is not bad

Some Cossacks also made one depicting him as their Emperor (they are all fucking monarchists lol), back in 2015

And, days ago, a bronze Putin with skis went up in Chelyabinsk, ahead of his visit to the city

also very appropriate, as he enjoys mountain skiing very much, I think it is his second favourite sport activity, after Judo

Poor Medvedev though lol He is one of the least athletic guys out there, a nerd, really; but Putin keeps dragging him along out to all these things. I heard he has injured himself at least half a dozen times, trying to keep up and compete with Putin's sport antics haha

Anyway, but, this monstrosity?

WTF??? LMAO What is that between his legs? I know how Putin, with his eternal inferiority complexes about his overall small physical size, will interpret that one hahahaha

This Korpachyov will be lucky if Putin doesn't have him killed, for this shit...
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