'welcome home Ilhan'


Mar 2019
NO they're NOT "self evident" either offer up some proof of your accusations or admit you're just another lying Trumpeteer.
I don't respond well to personal attacks. Rip my posts all you want. But personal insults are dabbling in troubled waters.


Feb 2010
Is that her real name? There is evidence that she got amnesty under a false name ,married her Brother ,and filed false TAX returns. The TRUTH about this terrorist will come out.
This is a key passage in a story I found about this question:
Scott Kadrlik, a CPA who has no connection to Omar, says the IRS keeps every tax return open for three years and during that time accepts changes or corrections.

“There can be a whole host of reasons you would file an amended tax return – a correction to your tax return, incorrect filing status, claimed the wrong exemptions, didn’t report all of your income,” Kadrlik said.

He says, in part, the IRS would likely only take punitive action or file criminal charges if there was a large discrepancy in the amount of taxes the individual owed or if there was fraudulent intent.
Ilhan Omar To Repay Thousands Amid Controversy Over Personal Tax Returns

Looks like a tempest in a teapot. She had to repay $4000 in taxes due and penalties. I hear about people with tax debt 5x that amount in ads promising substantial tax forgiveness. And it appears that her updating was legal.

What makes her a "terrorist?" She blew something up or threatened to? She owns an AR? What?