West Virginia corrections employees suspended after Nazi salute photo


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Jul 2014
Officials are investigating a group of West Virginia corrections trainees who were photographed seemingly making a Nazi salute in their uniforms.

A blurred copy of the photo was provided to NBC News by the state's Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety on Thursday. The group, Basic Training Class 18, appeared to be graduating based on dates in the picture's caption.

They're seen making the salute under a sign that reads "Hail Byrd." News of the photo was first reported by NBC affiliate WSAZ.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said in a statement that he ordered the termination of any state employees to be found involved in the photo.

Good for the Gov. This pic is beyond the pale - and corrections trainees??

Sep 2014
South FL
I thought Byrd was a reference to the KKK membership of Senator Byrd, but Byrd is actually a senior in DOC. As can be seen from the pic, obviously some are clearly NOT supporters of the Aryan Nation. This seems to be a mock salute to a superior. It's an act of insubordination, not racism.
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Jul 2014
You can smear all the mayo you want on it, it's still a shit sandwich.
And, Senator Byrd, Democrat, W.V. was a long time influential KKK leader.

He was a Grand Poo Bah of the KKK or something like that.

And as Hillary said, Byrd was her mentor.

The Dems must be so proud...