WH will not participate in impeachment hearings

Nov 2014
North Carolina
And it is not. But the reality is that this is not a criminal prosecution, and so the same rules do not apply.

As to hearings in the House, he has been offered that opportunity. He has declined. And the Supreme Court would likely not get involved at all in questions of procedure, because of what the Constitution explicitly says about impeachments and how House and Senate rules are made.
I believe it is.

It may not be confirmed in law currently. But I believe every accuser should have the right to defend his or herself self, not only in criminal trials - but in any situation, and especially this one. I believe that is a fundamental and basic American right regardless of procedure or what Adam Schiff thinks.

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No I don't. I didn't bother to write it down, I'm not going to New York regardless of whether or not you live there. New York isn't one of the states I care to ever visit.
I was in houston the other month but you got me threadbanned when I mentioned that fact last time.

I was happy to meet you, you ran.


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I've never heard of any trial where the defendant is suppose to "cooperate" with the prosecutors. So I guess by your weird-ass logic no defendant should be allowed to cross examine witnesses or supply witnesses of their own unless first they agree to cooperate with the opposing side. That would be "whining"...


Sorry, but that is not how America works.... Defendants should not have to cooperate with the prosecution in order to be able to defend themselves. God, I hope you're not a lawyer. And you have the audacity to say Trump supporters are dumb?

LOL @ "trial."

You really have no idea about how this works, do you?
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