Wha? Republicans control the NY state senate? Though Democrats have majority?

May 2012
By the wall
Sounds like they are putting issues over party.

Isn't that what you guys want?

When I interned for state representatives I have seen them side with the opposite party depending on what their constituents wanted.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire

Democrats have a majority in the New York senate, but 9 state senators have voluntarily aligned with Republicans, giving the GOP control.

What are they thinking? That's not a rhetorical question. Do they think Trump is the wave of the future and they don't want to be left out?

DNC big threatens breakaway N.Y. state senators with 'flyswatter' - NY Daily News
This used to happen when I lived there years ago. It seems like its similar to the "Joe Manchin" syndrome where some dems are more conservative in some areas and not aligned with progressives. They are against gun control and are pro life. For a time they seemed to get along but now with Trump, there is this unity thing where you must be with us 100% or not. So they don't appear to be welcomed I guess. Strange but it does happen. Other areas tend to just switch parties but it looks like these guys want to remain democrats because they don't agree with the GOP 100% either. Makes for strange politics.