What’s wrong with Conservatives?

Oct 2014
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Looking through some thread titles, I noticed a very ignorant trend on PH. Some right wing nut jobs here have tons of time on their hands. It seems some of the more trollish threads are started by obviously unemployed people who seem to live on the internet. No way could some of these people have jobs...they are always here or looking for flame bait threads to start. Chocolate milk, Mrs Obama writing a book, which bathroom people use, and Rudolf the red nosed reindeer are hot and very important topics these days, while having blind faith for the criminal POTUS and completely ignoring his crimes. Is it distraction from the imminent downfall of the Orange one?
In part I feel it is.
However, that noble cause...lol...doesn’t explain the main problem these people have.
Conservatives want to give the impression that they are highly patriotic and truly want what is best for this country. Which, is a load of bullshit. If they really cared, they would have rejected Trump.
They simply hated Hillary more than they loved America. No one will ever convince me differently.
And the whole tired “fake news” crap. CNN is bad to them, but when FOX does the same thing they accuse CNN of...except far more...they are fine with that. If one is fake then they both must be, since they do the same thing for opposing sides.
Then I read this morning the most ridiculous statement I’ve read on here in years, comparing Michele Obama’s opposition to chocolate milk to Gestapo. Truly an ignorant and offensive comparison.
Then, they accuse liberals of needing a safe space...when they are the crybabies who get all uptight at the very thought of someone opposing their narrow world view. How many threads on Christian persecution are we up to now?

News flash: many of us don’t give a shit about your religion. Just letting you know.

How many people have to die because of the right wing nutters gun control opposition? We’re all going to wind up getting killed in a mass shooting, just because we want to see a movie or go to a club. Thanks a lot, assholes.

I’ve not looked at any data lately, but I know one study showed that conservatives are, for the most part, less educated than democrats. Also, many are older and may have mental issues such as dementia. Not making fun of that, or trying to make light of the condition, just stating facts.

When I read the thread on Michele Obama’s book making money, and how, apparently, that’s a bad thing to the OP, my first thought was that since it’s a book, and cons don’t read, then there is the reason for that being a problem for conservatives. When you peck out single, repetitive sentences, cave man style, then naturally a book is a problem to you.

Then, the asinine statement that Trump gave up so much to become president because he loves America, and doesn’t take the salary for the job , because he’s such a genuine good guy. Total bullshit. He doesn’t need the money, he’s a fucking billionaire, and he only did that to make himself seem like a regular guy to his drooling, zombie like, dumbass followers. Trump wouldn’t piss on the people who voted for him. He doesn’t care about you, he only cares about himself.

To summarize, what went wrong with the right? I’ve always been liberal, but there was a time when republican presidents were at least decent people, you didn’t hate them, you just disagreed with them. Those days are gone, and it’s the right’s fault.

How can you fix this, and do you even want to?
May 2013
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You know, I'd have sympathy for their significant mental disorders, but it's difficult to maintain an attitude of caring toward people who continuously behave like assholes.
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