What Did Rep Ilhan Omar Say?

Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
You got your repeated denial proven wrong and instead of doing the adult thing and owning it, you resort to childish insults. It's never to late to grow up.
Don't worry about it kid, I'll live and so will you.
Eight years here and almost 75,000 posts, of course mistakes, errors are made.
Jun 2011
God Bless Texas
Please try your post again without the insults. thanks.

But you should know accusing jews of "dual allegiance" is straight up nazi shit.

Dual loyalty[edit]
A canard found in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but dating to before that document, is that Jews are more loyal to world Jewry than to their own country. Since the establishment of the state of Israel, this canard has taken the form of accusations that Jewish citizens of other countries are more loyal to Israel than to their country of residence.[60]

Antisemitic canard - Wikipedia
Some do have dual loyalties. You seriously question that fact?