What drives folks like this???

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Jul 2011
Video I came across few days ago
This is a guy named Graham Phillips, confronting some Ukrainian nationalists in Germany, who were paying their respects at the grave of Stepan Bandera: Stepan Bandera - Wikipedia

Phillips is a very interesting figure. He is British, a video blogger/independent journalists/pro-Russian propagandist, in the eyes of Russia's opponents.

He'd spent years of his life in the Donbass, embedded on the front lines with the separatist rebels, from the very beginning of that conflict, in 2014

Here, in 2015, he goes on a recon mission with rebels and flies a drone with them to scout out Ukrainian government positions

This is a dude, I want to emphasize this, who I do not think is in it for money or whatever, he seems, to me, to genuinely believe that Russia is the good guy here, battling against evil fascists, in Ukraine, the Baltic states, etc.

He actually has put his life on the line out, in fact, actually been wounded there, in Donbass

He been pictured there, shooting various kinds of weapons at targets and reportedly was even ready to actually take up arms alongside the rebels (he'd be far from the only foreigner to do that there, on both sides...)

But, they decided he, with his native English, and general Western background, would be much more useful and valuable on the ideological front ;) They had no shortage of guys who can fire an AK between locals and various volunteers and mercenaries from all over Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Central Asia, and beyond. Ones like him, on the other hand...

His buddy and camera man Patrick Lancaster, an American, pictured asleep with a RPG in the car during one of their Donbass adventures lol

Lancaster later married a local girl from Donetsk

a guest of honor at the wedding, right, in camouflage, Dejan "Deki" Beric, famous and notorious (to the Ukrainians) Serbian sniper, who has many dozens, at least, probably in hundreds now, dead Ukrainian troops to his credit

Graham himself reportedly also found love there, in the other rebel city, Lugansk

With Mikhail Tolstykh aka "Givi", a former supermarket security guard turned fearsome rebel warlord (funny, how likes works out sometimes, eh? :D), later assassinated in one of their internal squabbles

He's also spent a lot of time in Crimea, glorifying the life there under new Russian rule

With Natalia Poklonskaya, back when she was Head Prosecutor there

He was arrested by police in Latvia in 2016, when he was among a crowd of local ethnic Russian militants and antifascists who disrupted a Latvian nationalist march, with ensuing scuffles

He is now persona non grata in Latvia lmao

Earlier this year, he was arrested in London, at the Georgia embassy, after disrupting an event there, about the 2008 war with Russia over South Ossetia

Hell of a guy... lol


What I want to know is... why? Why would this guy from Britain who never had anything to do with Russia before, want to throw himself into this kind of life??? Or that Patrick Lancaster too...

And not just them, but other foreigners, who had actually fought with guns there, like Russell Bentley, an American from Texas (hence his nickname among the rebels - "Texas" lol) who'd become a legend there

These days, that one also no longer fights, but mostly involved in their English-language propaganda, just like Phillips

And he too, btw, found himself a wife there


Is THAT why they went there, for the women? lmao

Seriously... I can comprehend why people who believe in radical Islam would go join ISIS in Syria, ok. But the ideology of Putin and the guys in Donbass, is, in essence, Russian nationalism, Orthodox Church, and some neo-Soviet imperialism, basically. What in all this appeals to someone from Europe or America???

I never understood it...
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