What has Trump done for people who sincerely sought his help?


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Sep 2014
I would add that the public needs to wise TF up about the idea of "company towns" which were never a healthy thing. City planners need to try to attract and nurture small businesses as well as larger ones. This idea of giving huge tax abatements to lure companies promising to hire thousands of people needs to be curtailed as it makes the entire population dependent on the whims of the company.

This has happened time and time again in places like WV and they have become a slave to the coal industry, where the have catered to it to the neglect of other industries, like tourism. Sadly, casinos (which I believe aren't healthy for a community overall) are becoming a better alternative to coal mines, but the jobs pay poorly. I realize coal is going by the wayside, but we're still paying the price in cleanups of decades of coal ash piling up and as coal companies go bankrupt, they aren't going to contribute to cost.

And if the president really cared about this country he'd spend more time promoting small business and the idea of consumers shopping for American made products in lieu of buying cheaper Chinese made products from Walmart. Instead he dwells on the evil Democrats and the joy of paying tariffs instead of people voluntarily buying products made here.

With all the attention he is able to garner I often think how amazing it would be if used his powers for good instead of his selfish, egotistical whims & ill conceived policies.
It is hard to put your arms around Trump and his motives...but one thing for sure, it is all about him. Talk about company cities...you should have lived in Detroit during the rise of the auto companies. Just about everyone and every company was centered around the cars. When I graduated from HS, women really were not a strong presence in the car factories so many of women attended college after HS but the boys - directly to the auto factories starting at 25.00 a hour. My ex was a electrician for GM and he earned over 6 figures the whole time we were together....in the 80's. That was nice cash back then. Today, a friend of mine, her son just hired on with Ford and he is earning 13.00 a hour but if you look at the price of cars, you would think the workers were making bank.

If you think about it, our main industries have been in decline way before Trump and none of the other administrations didn't address it either. This has been a long process in the making. Everyone is losing their shit over Lordstown GM but when our local Ford Engine plant closed during the Obama administration, no one cared and it did not even make the national news. There were thousands laid off. My first hospital laid off 700 nurses in one week due to reimbursement cuts back in the late 90's...it was a result of managed care. No one cared and that one did not even make the local paper. This was during the Clinton administration. I have seen this happen over many administrations.

As far as clean up...we pay for all kinds of clean up. I watched Cleveland do it with abandoned houses after the copper pipes were stripped out of them and the siding removed. We have neighborhoods in Cleveland with just a couple of houses left where people actually live in them. Our tax dollars are planting trees to cover up the open spots because no one will ever move into those areas again.

If we really want to make a stand against cheap Chinese products, quit buying them. That one is on us as a Nation.
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Trump voters tend to not look for the government for everything.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." The Left doesn't understand this.
So, you think coal miners should be happy to sacrifice their lungs for the coal industry?