What If Trump's Implicated In the Epstein Case?

What should happen?

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Mar 2010
Obama. You even got to see the long form of his birth certificate. Plus, we know that he graduated from Harvard summa cum laude, so we know SOMETHING about his academic achievements. Whereas Trump has threatened to SUE any of the schools he went to if they release any of his test scores or grade reports.

Still, I have it on good authority that there was a comment on his kindergarten grade report, from his teacher, that said this: "Does not play well with others. Is always grabbing at the girls."
Trump graduated kindergarten scumma sum loaded
Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
Thus far, I have not seen ONE SHRED of believable evidence to even make this poll relevant. Just as Jefferey Epseins "murder" - show me the money. Make your case first, THEN we can talk.
Jan 2016
That's ridiculous.
I thought there were some states where the age of consent was already as low as 15, but I was wrong. There are 30 states where the age of consent is 16, there are 8 states where the age of consent is 17, and there are 12 states where the age of consent is 18. In the map, blue = 16, brown = 17, and green = 18.

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