What If Trump's Implicated In the Epstein Case?

What should happen?

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Oct 2014
Never know what they found in Epstain's safe. Won't matter though, they could find pictures of Donald participating in an orgy with a dozen 12 year olds, an Armenian midget and a Himalayan yak and Senate Republicans would do ...... Nothing.
I bet that scares a lot of people in politics and Hollywood.

Fire at Warner brothers today.... I'm sure it's coincidence.


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Feb 2010
Where'm I At, Doe?
As an enthusiastic Jill Stein supporter, I'm thinking our day is coming, because it looks like everyone except her in both corporate parties has been on the Lolita Express at one point or another. :D :D :D
Oct 2011
Washington State


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Nov 2014


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Feb 2010
Where'm I At, Doe?
I mean we all know the Putin stuff is Democratic party damage control horseshit, but even if it were true, Riding with Putin > Riding with Pedos.
Jun 2013
What does it matter, but to go on the record as advocating for some or no action?

So far, we have seen that Trump's "joking" about or challenging of his base, is turning out to be more of a "truth in jest" sort of thing than a mere off the cuff humor.

I have to agree with Nancy Pelosi that unless you have a chance in hell of getting the Senate to go along with impeachment, the House writing up articles of impeachment goes nowhere, beyond a statement, that Trump and his supporters will merely use to further their BS that the only thing Democrats are interested in are witch hunts. The bigger, much more powerful message to not just Trump, but the neo republican party, would be to hand both Trump and neo-republicans in the Senate, a big defeat. Nothing talks more or louder than the voters expressing themselves directly. At the same time, the Democratic Party and progressive branches or those that caucus with the Democrats can claim they are unlike the Republican Party and saved the nation both distraction and money by waiting to let "the people" present the thumbs down to Trump and those that have stood behind him. People keep claiming Congress is horrible and can't get anything done.

Why not put the onus on the voters? if it is true Americans want their reps to impeach Trump, why not turn out themselves (voters) to essentially "impeach" Trump in a much grander way, while at the same time, demonstrating something that will be hard to refute or claim is a partisan, "political witch hunt"?

To do this, anyone who does not want another 4 years of Trump are going to have to pledge to themselves unity behind the candidate with the best chance to defeat Trump and if that candidate is not 100% the one they would choose themselves, work to get the candidate to pledge to work with all factions within the same ideology. I don't believe this nation wants a Democratic version of Trump (extreme in the opposite direction), but someone who with a progressive mindset, who is also respected and can be inclusive of all Americans. I don't believe it makes sense to make claims about how terrible it is that Trump works toward the exclusion of certain Americans and human beings, then do the same thing. Discrimination against people doing no harm to others, (regardless of whom it is toward) is discrimination, no matter what direction it is aimed. Revenge, especially for anyone who claims to have Christian beliefs, is not a virtue, but simply doing the same thing one calls offensive, when it is done to them.

Many people don't like the notion or action of revenge, but when offended by something or someone, the first expression for many is vengeful. So far as I and many others have observed, vengeance does not only NOT stop the initial offensive act, but in many ways perpetuates it. From a practical and a logical perspective, vengeance pretty much continues, rather than vanquishes offensive (bad) actions. While many of the actions Trump has made through executive order need to be reversed for valid and legitimate reasons other than some manner of spiteful vengeance (as may have been behind Trump's trying to obliterate anything associated with his predecessor), it would seem a mistake to elect someone as partisan and exclusive as Trump, but in the opposite direction.

Personally, I don't really want to see someone who is merely an opposite version of Trump. I want to see someone who is for intelligent progress, based on forwarding humane and human values that include intelligent and proper stewardship of the earth's life (human) sustaining environment, but someone who can present to any political opposition, legitimate and credible reasons for any policies and actions that would gain the support of the opposition because those policies also benefit them, even if members of the opposition were still partisan on less important issues. In other words, it would seem we need someone who can address and be inclusive of people of all walks of life and political parties to a level that gets things done. Extremes which cause extreme reactions (gridlock) don't appear and haven't appeared to help our nation and get things done because all parties go into lock down and refuse to do anything to block the extremes of what any opposition wants to push or refuse to do anything, unless they get 100% of what they want.
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