What is a "sanctuary city?"

What is a sanctuary jurisdiction, as relates to illegal immigration?

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Oct 2009
Please be honest and answer based solely upon your pre-established knowledge, rather than a researched definition.
Oct 2018
Sanctuary cities

They are big cities
They are travel destinations
The have world class hotels
They have world class restaurants.

The hospitality industry is a broad term that covers restaurants, bars, and lodging to name a few. A job in the
hospitality field will always be the bottom of the US pay scale- minimum wage

Hotel need busboy - Restaurants need maids

US citizens are not filling these jobs -

Sanctuary Cities were invented because US businesses needed peo;le who could live on low wages - and the only ones seem to be the illegals.

Hotels hire illegals - Restaurants hire illegals.

A 'garage' converted into a rentable sleeping area for many men who do not have a problem living this way. They pay out as little as they can while in the US so they can send money back to Mexico, before they return.

Both employer and illegal employee are happy. It a 'problem' that needs to be addressed by reforming our immigration policies. Find something that works for both