What is a "sanctuary city?"

What is a sanctuary jurisdiction, as relates to illegal immigration?

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Nov 2009
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So then you believe federal government has the constitutional right to hijack state and local law enforcement?
I'll try to give an answer, but I do not understand what you mean by "hijack" state and local law enforcement.
Sep 2013
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You might find this discussion helpful.

In both, EO 13768 and HB 3003, the implication is that jurisdictions that do not respond to civil immigration detainers are not in compliance with the Immigration and Naturalization Act. However, to be in compliance with the INA, a state or municipality merely need to not prohibit immigration agencies from enforcing the law. Courts, from the state level to the Supreme Court, have consistently held that responding to civil immigration detainers is a voluntary act and not something that the can be mandated by the federal government. These holdings rest on the principle of federalism that is made clear by the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution and the threats to the Fourth Amendment’s preclusion against unlawful detention.

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Mar 2013
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May I suggest you actually read the US Constitution.

Then tell me where in that document it says we are not to obey legal laws.
Well, I have read the Constitution thousands of times over the past 40+ years or so, and it says nothing about states enforcing federal laws. Immigration laws are federal, per U.S. Const. art. I, § 8, cl. 4. Therefore, the federal government must enforce; there is no requirement that the states do so. Or perhaps there is a clause I have not heard of yet ... ? :think: