What Is Antifa? Explaining the Movement to Confront the Far Right

Mar 2019
No, you're right... I'm far less surprised after seeing so many justify antifa violence for the past years.
There is never any justification for Mob violence. Antifa is about the same as the 1960's so called "Free Speech" movement. As usual with pinkos ,it meant the opposite. Their goal was to smash "The System". These Antifa punks are the same.
Jul 2011
Antifa opposes your Proud Boys, who far from being "innocent patriotic Americans" is made up of a bunch of white supremacist fascists.

if they only opposed them as well as actual fascists and racists, I'd have little problem with them. the fact is they are anti any right wing and have attacked marines and minorities in the name of "anti-facsism".

If it were up to me, I'd put them in giants stadium, give them all the bottles and bats they wanted and charge tickets for the melee.

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