What Is The Biggest Problem In America

What is to blame?

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What I am saying is that whatever Clinton did or did not do cannot be cahnged today.
You're right, it can't be changed...what's done is done. But it's still a fact that he caused 9/11 to happen. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't be sitting here bashing Bush today.


Remember that in 2009 when you're complaining about Bush and what he did and didn't do.

I complain while they are IN office- and while I think my voice can make a difference. I did not vote for Bush either occasion. And I did not vote for Clinton either.

But I do not spend my energy vocalizing my issues with past presidents who are now only history. I deal with what is left to deal with and spend my energy objecting to the actions of the sitting elected officials and holding them accountable while they hold office. Once removed I move to the current situation fully realizing that the conduct of past officials effect the present.

Bless you!

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