What Is The Biggest Problem In America

What is to blame?

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You're right, it can't be changed...what's done is done. But it's still a fact that he caused 9/11 to happen. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't be sitting here bashing Bush today.
So here we are- who is to blame? Do you really know? I dont and would not claim to know. Was our government somehow involved in 9-11? Some think so- I dont know. I do know how Bush responded to the issues presented to him. I do know that he at the least made very poor judgement calls- took actions that were missguided. And I do know that he is still in the White House and still representing this country internationally. Today I voice my concerns. As I did prior to the 2004 elections. Once he is out of office my issue with him will leave as well. I will then look to the then president and see how they deal with the issues presented to them in office. And while they are in office I will likewise loudly object to anything that seems out of sync or missguided. I will ask questions of these elected officials. And when they fail to respond or respond in ways that further cloud the issue I will speak up again and rally to vote them out of office ... and on it goes of course to the next one.

But to spend my energy in the game of blaming those no longer on power is counter productive. Focus on the here and now and tommorow and we can get somewhere.


I complain while they are IN office- and while I think my voice can make a difference. I did not vote for Bush either occasion. And I did not vote for Clinton either.

But I do not spend my energy vocalizing my issues with past presidents who are now only history. I deal with what is left to deal with and spend my energy objecting to the actions of the sitting elected officials and holding them accountable while they hold office. Once removed I move to the current situation fully realizing that the conduct of past officials effect the present.

Bless you!

Did McCarthy win yet?
The complete and total lack of strong leadership. Double talking career politicians who dont have the balls to stand up against special interest or lazy constituents lest they lose their incumbent status. The wussification of this country due to leftist feministic social engineering taking place in our schools that basically ignore the obiously distinct phsycological differences between males and females. ...to name a few.

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