What makes kids violent?

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I keep seeing disturbing videos from Russian schools.

Just on December 8th, video emerged from outside a school in Novoshakhtinsk, in Rostov region, in the South, showing a 14 year old pupil being set upon by two other boys and beaten and stomped half to death
Apparently he was new at the school, his family had just moved to the town, and, not knowing the informal rules at this school, wore some clothes these thugs did not like (I've also written before about this weird new phenomenon over there, gangs of boys trying to enforce own dress codes on their school mates and other kids in their towns and neighborhoods, and retaliating viciously against those who dare defy them)

Previously, there was, for example, a nasty incident in September, in the Ural mountains, where a boy allegedly had his spine broken in a pre-arranged fight with another, who'd apparently challenged him to avenge his girlfriend, whom this one had insulted online
Wrote about it here: "Kids" (aged 13-15) break boy's SPINE on video...

It's not only boys though, and this, I may add, is kind of a major difference with the time I myself went to school there: nowadays, one sees equally brutal bullying, hazing, and violence among the females too!

Nobody there can really understand why this happens, what drives young people to such behavior. Psychologists, sociologists, educators, parents, politicians, all have been debating it a long time now.

In that thread I linked under the second video, I mention the possible impact of popular culture, there is lots of music, especially rap and "blatnyak" (prison songs) which promote violent and criminal lifestyle to youths. There are movies and TV shows also that glorify the gangster life.

There's also the family factor. Lot of poverty there and unemployment. Lot of bad, dysfunctional, broken families there. Lots of families where violence by members against other members is a normal, everyday occurrence... Kids learn from that too... :(

Plus, grow up criminals also recruit young boys to gangs, as I mentioned here: How Russian police hides crime

Similar issues occur here in the West too, I believe. It is all a shame. Stealing childhoods from the kids...
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I have to say as a parent of now grown kids, what I used to see was the kids without any support type group (parent, grandparent, neighbor etc) often ended up the most violent. The kids whose parents worked all day and was home alone after school was likely more in trouble than the kid that went to the Y or the kid that went home to a grandparent. I think kids need somebody, doesnt really matter who, but they need somebody to be there particular in the teen years. I had a good friend who went back to work full time when her kid was 11 and that kid sat home alone everyday after school until 6 or 7 at night. By the time he was 16, he was killing pets and bullying. He is in jail today. He had always had so much time alone that he looked to the internet and "bad influences" in his life for everything. It cost him.
Jul 2014
"What makes kids violent?"

Lots of things, for sure.

Public schools are definitely one of the main reasons.

Parents, or lack thereof.

Video games.


Social media.

And plenty of other reasons.


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When I was in high school, fights were more common than they are today. Granted, they didn't get record on video by every possible angle, but I'd guess there were roughly one or two significant fights each month. One late spring, the frequency escalated to about once per week. So the principal interceded, and told students that anyone caught fighting would be suspended during finals' week - and students would get a zero on their finals.

A day later, a friend of mine strode up to me angrily and yelled "I'm fucking SICK of you!" He swung with his right arm - and seeing that he was deliberately going to miss, I struck my own chest with my hand, and threw myself into a nearby locker door. I swung back at his stomach; pulling the punch at the last moment, and he executed the appropriate sound effect and reaction, keeling over. A crowed gathered - though at least half of them knew us, and knew damned well we were staging the whole thing.

So we got hauled to the principal, who made it very clear that fake or not, next time he would drop the hammer on us. And the sad part is that throwing ourselves into the locker doors and walls ... we bruised ourselves pretty badly. Totally worth it though.
Sep 2011
One thing you definitely didn't have in my day... you never had two or more kids just beating on one...

Everyone carried a Buck knife on their side too, but only in case they were jumped by muggers, real criminals...

"What can you do?"

Well, short of adopting them and being their parents, if that's the root of the problem here... all you can do is deterrent style sentencing...

Make examples of a few of them.

(set up a violent offender's boot camp.)

(take away their "devices." :eek:)

When something is so egregious, yet so hard to enforce, it's all you really have.

And fists are one thing, guns are another!

Thx :)
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Mar 2012
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Sep 2011
In their sentence they should make these kids WORK!

They need some humbling, menial work sounds like a good place to explore.

Have them emptying geriatric bed pans for a few months, etc, let them care for others they would normally spit upon.

Then on weekends they can sweep the streets and scrub graffiti off the walls and gum off the sidewalks.

Thx :)

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